External Learning Tools - An Overview

The External Learning Tools are a series of platforms that significantly enhance the online learning experience for students and teachers alike. The wide range of available tools allows you as a lecturer to organise online meetings, record and store them, and to gather feedback between and from your students.

In this article you will find an information about:

Not sure which educational tool to select to set up an activity? Find more information in the article: About EdTool

External learning tools

In the Brightspace environment, the available external learning tools are integrated and accessible via the button Existing activities in the Content  (sub)modules.

MS Teams

Teams, provided by Microsoft, is a platform that allows simultaneous collaboration and communication between individuals in a team. It combines chat, video meetings, file storage and collaboration, and application integration. It can also be used in education to conduct online learning aside from the normal classroom environment.  

Teams application is part of Microsoft 365, which entails users to have Microsoft 365 Apps for business or Enterprise license to use it. Wageningen University members can access it with their WUR account.  


YuJa is a video platform on which you can search, view and manage all educational videos of your course(s). ‘Educational videos’ is a collective noun for weblectures, livestreams, knowledge clips and videos that you have created yourself for your students. YuJa can be used for what was formerly accessible via the external learning tools ‘weblectures’ ‘knowledge clips’ and ‘multimedia’.

A weblecture is a recording of a course-related presentation, lecture, or workshop that can be viewed live (via livestreaming) and after the recording has taken place.

If you have any questions or comments about the service of the Weblectures team or one of its tasks you can take a look at the Weblectures intranet page. If your question is not listed you can contact [email protected].

A knowledge clip is a short (5-7 min) video that is made in a studio, from home or at a location site and is about one specific topic.

If you have any questions or comments about the service of Knowledge clips or one of its components you can take a look at the educational video intranet page. If your question is not listed you can contact [email protected].

For courses on Knowledge clips please subscribe here.


FeedbackFruits is a pedagogical tool to maximise student engagement using a variety of blended and online learning techniques. The platform allows you to organise peer review forums as well as discussion assignments and interactive videos to stimulate a classroom environment.


LabBuddy is an e-learning tool that helps students with preparing their lab class and supports them during the execution of experiments with just-in-time information. In Brightspace, LabBuddy is an integrated external learning tool and you can easily add this to your (sub)module.

JoVE Connection

JoVE is a service with peer-reviewed scientific video protocols and journals. JoVE can be used for advancing research and science education in biological, medical, chemical, and physical research. It concerns separate videos of scientific experiments from laboratories and short e-learnings on basic scientific knowledge. In Brightspace, JoVE is an integrated external learning tool and you can easily add this to your course content (sub)module.

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H5P (an abbreviation of HTML5 Package) is a functionality integrated into Brightspace that allows creating interactive content within your course. H5P allows teachers to create, share and reuse interactive material such as presentations, quizzes, timelines, 360 pictures, and interactive videos to engage learners in your course. You can learn more about all the possibilities of H5P on their website.


Wooclap is a polling app to engage your students more in your courses or to engage your audience at a presentation. It's an easily accessible tool that will let you create different kinds of polls like Multiple Choice Question, Word Cloud, Open Question, Find on image and much more.


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