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Brightspace counts with a function called Editor that allows you to easily edit the content of certain editable areas such as text boxes or module headings. This editor is actually an editor for HTML code, so it may also be referred to as HTML Editor.

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What is the Editor?

With the Brightspace HTML Editor, it is possible to add different types of content to the course, such as text and images, video and audio files, quicklinks, URLs, formulas, and HTML code.

The Brightspace HTML Editor is similar to a large text box, with different formatting options in the toolbar. This editor can be found in several activities, such as Assignments, Quizzes, Discussions and Surveys. For example, the HTML Editor can be used to add instructions or descriptions to an activity.

Overview of the Editor

Moreover, text or files can be added to a (sub)module using the HTML Editor.

When adding a media file or an URL, a link to this content will be created, instead of a physical copy. Meaning, 

  • the content added will not be saved in the HTML Editor. This content (for example an image or an audio file) should be saved somewhere else (internally or externally)
  • the HTML Editor will not display the added content properly from the moment that the content is deleted from the place it was saved 
Add description in (sub)module

Where to find the Editor

Content (Sub) module > Add description
Content How to access the Editor
Communication - Discussion When creating or editing a Discussion forum >  Add description
Communication - Discussion
When creating or editing a Discussion topic >  Add description
Communication - Email When composing an email > Editing box under Body
Communication - Groups When creating or editing a Group > Editing box under Description
Assessment - Assignments  When creating or editing an Assignment > Editing box under Instructions
Assessment - Quizzes  When creating or editing a Quiz > Editing box under Description / Instructions
Assessment - Surveys When creating or editing a Survey > Editing box under Description / Submission message
Course Tools - Intelligent Agents When creating or editing an Intelligent Agent > if E-mail option ticked > Editing box under Message

Now you know about the HTML Editor in Brightspace!


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