Discussions | How to add an existing Discussion to Content

Did you create a discussion for a course? It is wise to add it to a (sub)module of the content page, so students are able to find it more easily.

This article will show you how to add an existing discussion topic:

Add as an item

  1. Navigate to Content
  2. Select the (sub)module you would like to add the discussion to
  3. Click Existing Activities
  4. Click Discussions
Navigate to Content, then module, then Existing activities, then Discussions

A new window will pop out.

Now, first click on the forum from where you want to select the topic.

Add activity window - click on discussion forum

This will lead you to the next page where you will have two options:

  1. You can select the discussion topic that should be added to the (sub)module. By clicking on the topic name you will add it to the module where you wanted to place it.
  2. Or you can add the whole discussion forum by clicking on the plus sign (+) next to the name of the Discussion forum.
Add activity window - click on discussion topic or plus sign

You have now added either a discussion topic or a discussion forum to your course module content:

Example of added discussion forum and discussion topic as items in module

You can also add a discussion topic as a quicklink, either to an HTML text or a description of the (sub)module/item. Below you can see how to add a quicklink to a description. For HTML file the steps of adding the quicklink are the same.

More information on Quicklinks: How to add quick links to the Editor

Navigate to the (sub)module in Content. Then click on Add description field below the name of the (sub)module:

Click Add description in module

In the text editor write the text you want to accompany with your link. Then, click on the chain icon in the text editor bar to add a quicklink:

Click chain icon in the text editor bar

A window with options pops out. From the list select Discussions and click:

Click on Discussion in the pop out window

In the next step click the name of the discussion forum first, then select the topic of the discussion forum by clicking on it. This will add the quicklink to the text editor. Example:

Example of quicklink for discussion forum/topic in description of module

To save the changes click Update.

You now know how to add an existing discussion topic to Content!


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