Course Guide & Course Contacts | How to add a Course guide to the LOR

This article will show you how to add a course guide to the LOR.

In Brightspace, students who follow a course should be able to easily find the Course guide within their course. Therefore, the Course guide is always published in the first module of the course; Course Information.

For other students and staff who do not have access to the course, but who like or need to see the information of a Course guide, all Course guides also need to be published to the Learning Object Repository (LOR) in Brightspace. All users of Brightspace can search this LOR for Course guides using the widget on the course homepages.

The Learning Object Repository for Course Guides is designed to allow users in Brightspace access to course guides. This gives users an impression of a course that is more detailed than the study handbook, and that is always available even when the most up-to-date version is not finished yet. Always put a course guide in the Brightspace course page for that period as a file; do not link directly to the LOR.

Limit the course guide in the LOR for a course to one per year, replace existing versions when an updated version needs to be available.

First, navigate to the Course page and in the green navigation bar:

1. Click on Course Tools

2. Then, click Course Admin

Navigate to Course tools in your course page, then click Course Admin option

In the administration page of the course navigate to Learning Repository section. Then click Publish:

Course Admin - Learning Repository section - Publish option

4. Click on Choose file and browse in your computer, or drag & drop the course guide here

5. Click Next

Please be sure to use the correct filename: CourseCode_Year Course Name (e.g. HNH24806_2019 Introduction to Epidemiology and Public Health.pdf).

 Choose file and browse in your computer, or drag & drop the course guide here then Click Next

6. Click Done

Click Done

Please note that this LOR is for course guides only, and not for other shared documents.

Only publish one course guide per academic year.

Now you know how to add a Course guide to the LOR!

Want to know more about management of course guides in Brightspace? 

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