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When creating a survey, you have the option to set restrictions through release conditions, such as completing specific tasks or achieving certain grades, ensuring its availability aligns with your desired criteria. Additionally, utilizing the Hide from Users checkbox in the Availability section provides further control over the visibility of the survey, allowing for tailored access management.

This article shows how to:

Setting restrictions for a Survey

  1. Click on Assessment in the navigation bar of the course
  2. Click on Surveys. This will open the Surveys homepage, which shows all current surveys created for the course
Navigation to Survey

It is possible to set restrictions both for a New Survey or for an already existing survey. Once selected the survey you want to work on,

  1. Click on the Restrictions tab
Restrictions tab

When working on a new survey, you can only move to the Restrictions tab if you have included a title for your survey.

In the Restrictions tab a list of different options will appear

Restriction tab upper part
  1. By default, a new survey is Hide from Users. To make it visible to users, click on the checkbox.
  2. Under Availability, tick the box Has Start Date if you want your survey to only be available from a specific date. Tick Has End Date if you want your survey to no longer be available to students after a specific date. Both Start and End Date can be active simultaneously
  3. Tick the box Display In Calendar if the start and/or end dates should also be visible in the calendar. This option has no influence on the calendar visibility for the due date
  4. Additional Release Conditions can be attached to the survey to make the survey available to only those students that comply with the conditions; for example a survey is only available once a lab report is submitted
Restriction tab bottom part
  1. Under User Responses, indicate how many attempts your users are able to take at your survey. Choose either between Unlimited, Limited or a Single attempt that is editable. What the different options imply can be read below the box
  2. Under Special Access, determine the Type of Access you want to give users. If you want to have your Survey restricted to certain users only, specify here by clicking on Add Users to Special Access
  1. Click Save and Close once you are finished with the restrictions
How to save the restriction


Now you know how to set Restrictions for a Survey!

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