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Manage Content | How to hide or make visible course content (modules and content items)

In Brightspace it is possible to manage your content by hiding it from the student's view or making it visible. By default all content created via Content is visible to students.

Changing the visibility status of a Content (sub)module

The default view of Brightspace Content items and Content modules is set on Visible. However, this can be changed and set to Hidden, in order to make the information invisible to students.

Navigate to your Brightspace course. Then, in the green navigation bar

  1. Click Content 
  2. Click the [module name] that has to be set on hidden
  3. Click the eye icon to change the visibility status of the module
Click Content, click the module, click the eye icon

The icon will turn blue with option turning the visibility on or off.

  1. Click the dot to change the status to hidden

After you change the visibility to hidden, the icon will turn black, and an additional icon will appear below the module name in the Table of Contents.

Changing the visibility status of a Content item

Changing the status of a topic (for example an uploaded file) can be done in the topic itself.

Navigate to the green navigation bar in your course page, then

  1. Click Content
  2. Click the [module name] where the Content item needs to be hidden (or made visible again)
  3. Click the downward arrow next to the Content item name to open the options
  4. Click Hide from Users
Click Content, click the module, click the arrow next to the item, click Edit Properties In-Place

The content item will be now hidden and a crossed eye icon will appear next to it.

When a (sub)module or topic is set on Visible, but the release date of the item/module (using the option of Add dates and restrictions) is in the future, students will be able to see the name and description of the module/item, but cannot open it. This could purposely be used to hint to students which topics are coming up.

You now know how to hide or make visible the a content module or content item in Brightspace!

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