H5P | How to add a video from YuJa

With the interactive video of H5P, you may layer interactivity on top of video recordings from YuJa. While the student watches the video, interactions like images, illustrative text, links, and quizzes appear.

This article shows how to:

Get the Permalink from the YuJa folder

Go to Yuja Folder and find the video you wish to add.

  1. Click More..

This process works only for the videos located in "My Media" folder in YuJa. To receive the permalink for knowledge clips or weblectures in the course's folder, send a request via email at [email protected]

1. Click More..

This action will open a pop-up window Media Details.

  1. Click on Links on the left-hand column
  2. Click on Permalink
2. Click Links and then 3. Permalink

This will give you a permalink to Media. You can use this in your activity.

  1. Copy the link
4. Copy the link

Add the video to the H5P activity

As soon as you set up the H5P folder and add an activity, on the list that will appear:

  1. Click on Interactive Video
5. Interactive Video
  1. Click on + (plus sign) to add a video
6.  Add file
  1. Paste the link you copied into the field
  2. Click Insert
7. paste the link the 8. and Insert

Once you have added the video,

  1. Click on the tab Add interactions
  2. Click on Save and Insert

You can find more information here: https://h5p.org/tutorial-interactive-video

9. Add interactions and 10. Save and Insert

Save and Close the topic

The H5P video has been added to the HTML.

  1. Click on Save and Close to exit the edit mode
11. Save and Close

It will look like this

The activity has been added


Now you know how to add a video from YuJa in H5P!


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