MS Teams | How to log in

Teams, provided by Microsoft, is a platform that allows simultaneous collaboration and communication between individuals in a team. Wageningen University members can access it with their WUR account.   

This article shows how to:

How to Log In to MS Teams

Teams can be used in a browser or in a desktop app. We recommend downloading and installing the desktop app. 

  1. Open the MS Teams application
  2. Type your wurmail in the pop-up window ([email protected])
  3. Click Sign in

A new window pops up where you will have to

  1. Type your wurmail or wur username and password
  2. Then, click Sign in

The pop up window will close and the Microsoft Teams application will load. You will now be able to join or create a team/channel or to view the existing teams/channels you are member of.

Now you know how to log in MS Teams desktop application!


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