H5P | How to save H5P files on your computer

As you may have already discovered in the article How to set up H5P, H5P offers a big range of tools and possibilities. Here you will learn more of the options that H5P includes. This article will show you how to save H5P files on your computer.

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You download H5P files and save them in your computer as .h5p format file that you can use to import content into other learning environments or to send to colleagues. Follow the next steps to do so:

  1. Navigate to Content in the navbar
navigate to content in the navbar
  1. Navigate to the module where your H5P is located
  2. Click on the black arrow next to the H5P content item. A drop-down menu will open
  3. Click Edit HTML. This will take you to the H5P editing page
view of the content module where H5P content is located
  1. Click Reuse. A new window will open
Click Reuse in your H5P content item editing page
  1. Click Download as an .h5p file. The download will start
Click download as an .h5p file to download your file

You now can use this .h5p file to import your H5P content into other learning environments.

Please note that it is temporarily not possible to save or import H5P content in bulk. Each item must be saved or imported manually. This feature will be available in future releases of H5P.

Now you know how to save and H5P files on your computer!

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