Course Preview | How to preview a course as a student

In this article, you will find knowledge on how to visit your course page as a student. This can be useful when checking settings for your course design.

Switching from lecturer to student mode

In the top right corner of the Minibar, navigate to the User profile.

1. Click on your name or image, where a drop down menu will appear

2. Click on View as Student

Click on name or image on the top right corner, then in the drop down menu click on view as Student

This action will replace your profile picture with two opposing arrows. Underneath your name, it describes you as  Student. These are the two ways you can check whether a profile has indeed been switched to student mode.

It is now possible to view the course from a student perspective.

Viewing as student

If you want to switch back to your lecturer perspective, simply

3.  Click on your name or image, where downward menu will appear

4. Click on the X on the right of Viewing as Student.

Click on name or image on top right corner and click on x next to viewing as student

You now know how to preview a course as a student!