Manage Files | How to delete files from Manage Files tool

Your course Manage files stores all the documents, files, images you upload to your Brightspace course page. In case a file is not needed it can be deleted. However, deleting a file from Manage files it will also delete this file from the (sub)module in Content view.

Deleting a file or folder from Manage files cannot be undone!

How to delete a file from Manage files

Navigate to your course, in the green navigation bar

  1. Click on Course Tools, a drop-down menu will appear
  2. Click on  Manage Files
Click Course Tools, then click Manage Files

The page of Manage files tool will open.

  1. In the left panel click on the [folder name] from where you want to delete the files (it will highlight in blue)

The content of the file will open on the right.

  1. Click the selectbox of the file(s) which you want to delete. You can select and delete more than one file at once.
  2. Click the Bin icon to delete the files
Click folder name, select the file(s) to be deleted, click Bin icon

If the file has an icon of a chain next to its title, it means the file is used and connected to some module in Content. If you delete such file it will delete the file from Content.

A window pops out with confirmation about deleting the selected files.

  1. Click Yes if you are sure to delete the selected files.
Confirmation to delete the files from Manage files

You have deleted the file from the Manage files of your Brightspace course page.

If the file has been linked to some module in the Content view it will be indicated by a Broken link warning in the module

Broken link in Content view of a deleted file from Manage files

How to delete a folder in Manage files

When you are deleting a folder in Manage files, make sure it is not connected (via the Default Path) to a module in your Content. If you delete a folder in Manage files you are deleting also its content, meaning that the files will be removed from the Content view.

To delete a folder from Manage files

  1. Click on the [folder name] one level up (from where the to-be-deleted folder is located) in the left panel so it highlights in blue and it appears in the right side

Example: Week 1 folder needs to be deleted

Click the folder in the left panel
  1. Click the selectbox of the folder you want to delete
  2. Click the Bin icon to delete the folder
click the selectbox of the folder, then click the Bin icon

A window pops out with a confirmation message about deleting the folder.

  1. Click Yes if you are sure you want to delete the folder
Click Yes in the confirmation window

You have now deleted a (sub)folder from your Manage Files in Brightspace. This action cannot be undone.


Now you know how to delete files and (sub)folders from Manage Files in Brightspace!

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