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The tool Groups can be used to divide students into groups within your course. This also allows students to discuss certain topics and exchange ideas. It is possible to assign a discussion topic to a group, for example, keeping a blog.

This article will show you:

It is not possible to link a discussion topic to a group if any discussion topic has been linked to that group before.

How to create a discussion topic per group

1. Navigate to Communication in the navigation bar

2. Click on Groups

Communication - Discussion

This will open the Manage Groups homepage

3. Select the Group Category you would like to add a discussion topic to under the drop-down menu below View Categories

4. Click on the downward arrow next to the category name

5. Click on Edit Category. This will open the category editing screen

manage group spage, drop-down menu when clickin garrow next to category name

Scroll down to the section Additional Options

6. Tick the box  next to Set up discussion areas, this will make more options visible

7. Select from the drop-down menu the forum you want to insert the discussion topics into; or click on New Forum to create a new forum

8. Select Create new topic to create new discussion topics for the groups within the Group Category or select Attach to existing topic to create a new thread within an existing topic

9. Click on Save

After you save the settings, a new page will open. 

create workspace section under editing category page

In this page, you will be able to create or edit the discussion topics for your group

10. Select  one of the two options:

  • Create one topic per group - to create a discussion topic for each group within the same Group Category
  • Create one topic with threads separated by group - to create one single topic in the forum with one thread per group

11. (Optional) Edit the title and description

12. Click on Create and Next; you can also click on Add Another to add another discussion topic

create restricted topics page

An overview of the topics added or modified will appear,

13. Click on Done

Workspace Summary - click done

 After this action, you will be taken to the Edit Category screen. Scroll down to Additional Options, you will find here the new topic(s) you just created under Existing Workspace.

14. (Optional) Click on the name of the topic to edit it. You can find out more about the options available here

15. Click on Save 

additional options section under edit category page

Now you know how to create a discussion topic and assign it to a specific group!


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