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Announcements can be used for several purposes. It is a way to update students quickly and easily about important course information. Announcements can be used to, for example, welcome students at the beginning of the course, to communicate added content, or to inform students about a deadline or location. It is possible to:

  • Personalise Announcements with an audio or video message
  • Decide when for how long and for whom the Announcement is visible
  • Easily edit or delete Announcements

Announcements can be found on the Course Home of the course.

This article will show:

Announcement homepage with an introduction message from the teacher
Announcements homepage

On the Announcements homepage, all created announcements can be found. 

To navigate to the Announcements homepage either click on Course home in the green navigation bar or via Course Tools - Course Admin.

Via Course Home

1. Click on the arrow next to Announcements, a drop-down menu will appear

2. Click on Go to Announcements Tool

Click on the downward arrow next to Announcements, then click on Go to Announcements Tool

Via Course Tools

1. Click on Course Tools in the navbar, a drop-down menu will appear

2. Click on Course Admin

Click on Course tools in the green navigation bar, a drop down menu will appear click on Course Admin

3. Click on Announcements (under Communication)

Under communication click on Announcements

This will open the Announcements homepage:

1. Click on the blue-button New Announcement to make a new Announcement

2. Click on More Actions a drop-down menu will appear - to change the order of the Announcement (Reorder), to navigate to Notifications, or retrieve deleted Announcements (Restore)

Click the blue button new announcement to create an announcement, click on the gray button more option to either reoder the announcements or restore them

Use the search bar to find a specific Announcement.

3.  Click on Show Search Options to select the Announcements to search within a specific date range

In the table, for each Announcement, the title, message, start date (date from which the Announcement is visible), end date (if applicable), and the status (published/draft) are displayed

Announcements homepage
How to create an Announcement

First, navigate to the course you want to place an Announcement in.

1. Click on Course Home

2. Click on the arrow next to Announcements, a drop-down menu will appear

3. Click on New Announcement

Click on the downward arrow next to Announcements, then click on Go to Announcements Tool

This action will open the New Announcement page

New Announcement page
1. General

1. Under Headline - you can add a title for your Announcement

2. Under Content - you can write your message

Add a Headline and write a message in the description box
2. Availability

It is possible to add the starting date of the Announcement, which will be made visible to students (Start Date). It is also possible to add an End date to the Announcement, which will no longer be made visible to the student (End date).

If the box Always show start date is unticked, the start date of the Announcement is no longer visible to students.

Availaibility settings - start date and end date for the visbility of Announcements
3. Attachments

It is possible to add a file (Add a File) or add/record an audio (Record Audio) or video (Record Video) fragment. To record audio/video, your device must feature a microphone/webcam

It is possible to add attachments as a file, audio or video recording
4. Additional Release Conditions

There is a possibility to Attach Existing Conditions, Create and Attach or Remove All Conditions.

To Create New Release conditions,

1. Click on Create and Attach


Click on Create and Attach if you would like to attach conditions

A pop-up window will appear. To select a Condition Type,

2. Click on the downward arrow, a drop-down menu will appear

Click on the downward arrow next to Selection condition type

Select a Condition Type (for example Group Enrolment), to select Condition Details (Group),

3. Click on the downward arrow, a drop-down menu will appear, in this case, select Tutorial (Group)

4. Click on the blue-button Create, only students enroled in the group Tutorial will be able to see this Announcement


After selecting Condition Type, you can choose the Condition details, in this case selecting a group

This action will redirect you to the New Announcement page.

The condition details will now appear under Additional Release Conditions.

5. Click on the blue-button Publish 

Click on the blue button Publish

You now know how to create an Announcement in Brightspace!

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