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The  Progress tool tracks your learners' overall progress as a course and individually. Using this tool you can monitor progress for all users or content in your course, access individual learner data and set up intelligent Agents.

This article shows how to:

Progress homepage: overview

On the Progress homepage you will see an overview of enrolled students and their progress on the course in form of a table:

Progress homepage
  1. Name column - by default the table will list all students alphabetically, showing their name, their email, and their WUR username. You can reorder the list by clicking on Name in the header of the column
  2. Indicators columns - this column will visually show the student's progress on the selected indicators (for how to choose the indicators go to section Settings)
  3. Views per page - select how many students you want to see in the list per page

Progress homepage: functions

Progress homepage
1. Filter

You can use the Filter function to display:

  • All students
  • Students by Group category
  • Students by Group membership
2. Settings

In the Settings you can adjust which performance indicators will be displayed by default for your course.

The default indicators are Content Completion Summary, Objectives Completion Summary, and Grades Performance Summary. Each indicator has a little description included to help you understand what it measures.

Progress tool - Settings

A maximum of 4 performance indicators can display at any time on the Progress homepage.

For more on Progress tool indicators please visit: How to add indicators in the Progress tool

4. Use agents to automate feedback

By clicking on this link you will be redirected to the Intelligent Agent list homepage of your course.

For instructions please visit: How to create an Intelligent Agent


Now you know how to use the Progress tool homepage!


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