Quizzes | How to add questions to a Quiz from Question Library

As introduced in Quizzes | How to add questions to a Quiz,

This article shows how to:

Add questions via Question Library

After landing in the editing page of the selected quiz, (follow the first steps from Quizzes | How to add questions to a Quiz to see how to get here)

  1. Click on Add Existing

From the drop-down menu

  1. Click on Browse Question Library
Add Questions

A pop-up window will appear with the Library options from where to choose your question(s) from

Here,  the filters in Browse Existing Questions can be used to search for question you want to add.

Browse Question Library page

Questions in the Question Library already added to some quiz(zes) will indicate so below by the question's name with a text starting Also in: [...].

To add the (searched) questions to the quiz:

  1. Click the tick box next to the question(s)
  2. Click the downward arrow next to the Import button
  3. Select where you want to import the question:
    • Import to Top of the Quiz
    • Import to Bottom of the Quiz
    • Import to Section
click the Selectboxes of questions, then click arrow on the button Import, select to which position to import (top or bottom)

Selecting the Top or Bottom option for the position of the Question in the quiz will close this window and redirect the user to the Quiz Questions window:

imported qs positioning

If needed proceed adding questions with the Add Existing (from this article) or the Create New options.

Already imported notification

When a question from the Question Library is already added to the current quiz a text Already Imported and a check mark appear with the question name in the Browse Question Library window:

Order added question

When  all the required questions are added to the quiz, it is possible to reorder them as wished.

  1. Hover with the mouse over the question and vertical dots appear before the question name
Hover over a question
  1. Click the 6 vertical dots
  2. Drag with the mouse the question in the new position
    • a blue line will indicate the position as the question is moved in the list
Move a question

Once dragged and dropped the question in the desired position in the quiz question list, the order number of the question updates automatically.

Automati re-numbering of a question

The Preview function is useful to quickly test the quiz. However, it is not possible to test it with grading. To do so, impersonate a dummy student.

Once you have added all the desired questions, continue adding information from the Quiz Editing page as mentioned in the article Quizzes | How to create a Quiz.
If done with editing altogether, click on Save and close at the bottom of the page. This will save your changes and redirect you back to the Assessment | Manage Quizzes page.

Now you know how to add questions from a Question Library to a new quiz in Brightspace!


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