YuJa | How to add a YuJa Livestream

A Livestream is the way to share your Weblecture with your students at the moment when the lecture is given. Livestreams are automatically made available in a specific tab of your YuJa course channel.

Livestreams will only appear in this tab when the streaming session starts. It means that before and after a streaming session the Livestream tab will not be visible.

The following picture presents how the Livestream appears during the streaming process.

Show active livestream

To give access to your students to the Livestream in Brightspace there are few steps to take.

In this article you will find more information about:

You need to add a YuJa Livestream access only once per Brightspace course. This access can be reused for each new Livestream you request for your course.

How to add a YuJa Livestream

Open your Brightspace course page, in the green navigation bar:

  1. Click on Content
  2. Select the (sub)module where the YuJa Livestream needs to be added 
  3. Click on Existing Activities
  4. Choose External Learning Tools 
External learning tools

A pop-up window appears. Scroll down and:

  1. Select YuJa All Videos  
Add Activity

A new item named YuJa All Videos will be placed at the bottom of the page.

This new item on your Brightspace page gives your students access to the Livestream.

(Optional) Adjust the title of the new YuJa topic
  1. Click on the downward arrow close to the title
  2. Click on Edit Properties in Place
Edit properties in place

The view will change. You are now in the Edit Properties in Place mode.

  1. Click on the title
  2. Write your new title. For example, 'Livestream access'
Edit properties in place 2

To exit the Edit properties in Place mode reload the Brightspace page.

Now you know how to add a YuJa Livestream to your Brightspace page!