Manage Files | How to create a folder in Manage Files tool

Manage Files is a tool that stores all the files you upload to your Brightspace course page. Creating folders with the same names as you have modules in Content will help to maintain the Manage Files storage ordered and will help prevent course files (that are in use in the Content) to be accidentally misplaced.

For easy course content management create folders in Manage Files with the same name as your modules have in Content. Then, set up a Default Path for a Content module to link them.

How to create a folder in Manage Files tool

Navigate to your course, in the green navigation bar

  1. Click on Course Tools, a drop-down menu will appear
  2. Select Manage files

This will take you to a the page of the Manage Files tool.

Click Course Tools, then click Manage Files

To create a folder in Manage Files

  1. Click New Folder
Manage files tool page

After clicking this option a new folder appear to which you will need to give a name.

  1. Name the [New Folder] as your module in the Content view
  2. Click Save
Rename the new folder, then click Save

Your folder will now appear in the list in the left panel (called the Folder Tree) and in the main Folder content view.

Manage files tool page with the New folder

This action will not create a module in the Content view. You will still have to create the module. For instructions, please visit Create (sub-)modules

How to create a subfolder in Manage Files tool

You can also create a subfolder in Manage Files tool.

In the Manage Files tool page

  1. Click [folder name] in the left panel where you want to create a subfolder
Click [folder name] in the left panel

The folder name will be highlighted in blue and its contents will appear in the main view on the right.

  1. Click New Folder
2. Click New Folder

Continue as when creating a folder

  1. Name the [new folder]
  2. Click Save
3. Name the [new folder], 4. Click Save

The new subfolder appears in the list below the folder you located it.

The subfolder is now in the tree in the left panel of Manage Files tool page


Now you know how to create a folder and a subfolder in the Manage Files tool in Brightspace!


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