MS Teams | Integration options: How to integrate a MS Teams meeting in your Brightspace

It is possible to quickly create MS Teams Meetings from within your Brightspace course page. The link to this meeting will be available in your Brightspace environment to all the users enrolled in it without the need of creating a whole team in MS Teams. This will allow you to use the features of Teams’ meetings without the need for managing an additional platform besides Brightspace. 

This option has the following limitations, once the meeting is created it is not possible to edit the settings and sharing recordings requires additional steps. Make use of this option when:

  1. you do not have a need for a collaboration platform in your course
  2. you only have a single or a few online meetings in which you have more than 150 students 
  3. really require certain MS Teams Meetings features (e.g. taking over students’ screen control or sharing the audio channel). 

Be aware, that it is not advisable to record  MS Teams Meetings created via the Brightspace course page.

However, if you wish to record the meeting and share it with your class, please consider reviewing the following articles:

The recording will be automatically be saved in your personal OneDrive for personally organized meetings or the OneDrive (Sharepoint) for meetings organized within an MS Teams team or channel. 

Creating MS Teams meeting in your Brightspace course page

Before you can schedule a meeting, first navigate to the course where you would like to add a link to a meeting via MS Teams.

1. Click Content of your course

2. Click the module where the MS Teams meeting should be added once created

3. Click the button Existing Activities

4. From the drop-down menu select MS Teams Meeting

Adding MsTeams meeting

A window pops out where you will be able to set up the meeting. If not signed in, you might have to sign in MS Teams using your WUR account and password.  

Sing in msteams

Now you can start creating your meeting. 

1. Click Create meeting link.

Create a meeting

The following options appear for setting up your meeting: 

2. Fill in the Title

3. Select starting and ending date and time of your meeting

4. Click Create

Adding title, date, time, then click Create

In the new window you will see the meeting details.  

5. Click Insert.

Click Insert to add MS Teams meeting link to the Content view

If you want to change the Meeting options, click on Meeting options. Here you can change the setting of the meeting, for example to set up a Lobby (waiting room).

The link to the scheduled online meeting via MS Teams will appear in the content view as a Link type of activity.  

Ms Teams meeting in Content view

6. Click on the arrow next to the name of the link in the Content view

7. Select Edit properties In-place

Click arrow next to meeting name in Content view, then click Edit properties in place

8. Click the Selectbox so the link opens in a new tab when clicked on. 

msteams open as an external resource

This will allow the meeting to open properly.  Now, you are all set! You and your class participants are now able to access the meeting. 

The meeting will open in a new window that will redirect you to Microsoft’s meeting launcher. Here you can choose to open the meeting in the desktop app or in the browser. We recommend using the desktop app. Here you can find how to download the desktop app. You will need to sign in to access the meeting. 

Add the meeting to the Calendar

The meeting will not be automatically added to the Brightspace Calendar, neither it will be synchronized with Outlook or the calendar in Teams. If you want to add the meeting to the Brightspace Calendar:

1. Click Content of your course

2. Navigate to the module where the MS Teams meeting is placed

3. Click on the arrow next to the name of the link in the Content view

4. Select Edit properties In-place

Click arrow next to meeting name in Content view, then click Edit properties in place

Below the link, in the same page, further options will appear.

5. Click Add dates and restrictions.

msteams open as an external resource

6. Select the Start date and time of your meeting. You do not need to add a Due date or End date if you do not want to. 

7. Click Update

Start date ms teams

Now your meeting will appear as an Upcoming event in the Calendar in the Brightspace. Additionally, students won’t be able to access the meeting link until the set Start date.  

ms teams in calendar

You now know how to create and add an MS Teams meeting to you Brightspace!