GroupTool | How to use the Schedule with GroupTool

With the GroupTool you can have an overview of the schedule and the events that are connected to your course.

In this article you will learn:

How to use the Schedule

In the Schedule tab, there is a calendar overview. You can easily navigate through the calendar by using the following buttons:

  1. Click on the left or right arrows, to navigate back and forth in the course's schedule
  2. Click on TODAY to quickly return at the present date

Choose how the calendar is more convenient to be displayed by

  1. Clicking one of the three given options: Day/Week/Month
  2. At the bottom left of the pane you will find the Legend showing all the available options to be scheduled and their corresponding colour
Schedule Overview page

To access a meeting or an event that has been already scheduled

  • Click on the time-slot in the calendar.

This action will open an preview of the activity, where you can:

  1. Preview the basic information, like : title, date and time, and groupsize
  2. Add or edit didactical information to the schedule, in the comment field. As soon as the information has been added click on Save Comment, to save the changes
  3. Preview the place, the capacity of the room, and information regarding the equipment available
  4. See the number of groups that they are enrolled to the event
Booked schedule

Now you know how to use the Schedule within the GroupTool!