HTML Editor | How to insert a Graphical Equation to the Editor

The Brightspace Graphical Equation enables teachers and students to insert statistical and mathematical equations within the HTML Editor. It is a tool that allows composing math expressions with visual equations while remaining simple and easy to learn.

In this manual, you will learn how to Insert a Graphical equation to the Editor.

There are several ways to access the Editor. For more information, please visit: Where to find the Editor.

Inserting a Graphical equation to the Editor

Navigate to the HTML Editor where you would like to add a graphical equation

1. Click on the downward arrow next to the Sigma icon, a drop-down menu will open,

2. Click on one of the following options:

For more information about MathML and LaTeX equation, please visit: How to add Math using MathML and LaTeX

Click on the downward arrow next to the sigma sign, then choose the equation you wish to add

The Graphical equation is equipped with a toolbar that provides the necessary elements to construct your equations.  It has the most visual options and it is best suited for those who only use equations occasionally.

It is recommended that you start building the structure of your equation before entering specific numbers and inline notation in each section of the equation.

The Graphical equation will open as a pop-up window, you will see several tabs containing symbols and functions that allow you to manually build formulas.

3. Enter the formula by clicking on the symbols
There are several tabs available, General (only available for Graphical equations), Chemistry (only available for Chemistry equations), Symbols, Calculus, Matrices, etc.

4. (Optional) Click on </> to Generate a preview

insert equation pop up window
(Optional) Click on </> to Generate a preview

In the same pop-up, the MathML code view will appear.

1. Click on Generate a preview to preview the formula. The generated formula will appear below

Click on Generate a preview

Now you can see how the formula will look like in the editor window. Once you are satisfied,

2.  Click on </> to go back to the formula editor

Click on </> to go back to Editing the formula

Once the equation has been inserted,

6. Click on the blue button Insert

Click on the blue button Insert

Now you know how to add Graphical Equations to the Editor in Brightspace!