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This article will guide you through all the features within the Groups tab. By the end of the article you will know how to easily go through all the panes; manage groups and students' enrollment directly via GroupTool.

This article will explain:

The Groups features

When opening the GroupTool page from Brightspace you will automatically be redirected to the Groups tab as shown in the picture below. In addition to the three tabs option (Groups, Link Groups, Schedule) on the left side, you will be shown four panes presenting the available features.

Landing page image

The table below briefly describes all of the eight features present in the Groups tab. Click on each feature to learn more about them.

Feature Description
1. Student filters option to apply one (or multiple) filter(s) defining the students in the course
2. Students showcases the list of students according to the active filters
3. Add / Remove buttons buttons used to add or remove selected students to or from a group 
4. Legend explains the icons and colours appearing next to the name of each student in the Students list
5. Brightspace groups section used to select from existing categories and groups
6. Group enrollments showcases list of student enrolled in a group selected through the Brightspace groups feature
7. Export Excel button button that allows to download an excel file containing all categories, groups and participants
8. Import Excel button button that allows to add students to the groups of choice from an excel file

1. Student filter

 In the second pane from the left, you can apply one or multiple filters based on the enrolled students' profile, and/or enrollment status in the course or in a group. The filters you may use are:

  • Enrollment type - (All; Students; Re-exam students) differentiating the students by the type of enrollment that students have on Brightspace
  • Membership status - (All; In a group; Not in a group) showing those course participants who are enrolled/or not in (any) Brightspace group
  • Programmes - listing all the programmes in which the students of the course are enrolled in
  • Nationality - presenting all the nationalities of the students enrolled in the course
  • Gender - listing the genders of the students
  • Start year - showing in which year the students started with their course
  • Former education - listing the background education of the students enrolled in the course
filter options example

By default all the filters are active.

  • Click on the tick-box on the right side of the filter's name, to quickly deselect all the options. After, you may select only the ones that you are interested in.
  • Click on the rightward arrow next to the filter to expand the filter options.
  • Click on the tick-box next to the filter's name, to select the wanted options.

2. Students

In the third pane, Students, the list of students will appear based on the active filters (see Student filter).  On the top of the pane, next to Students, you have an overview of the number of students put into brackets, where the first number identifies the selected students and the second the total number of students given the active filters (e.g. 0/77). To search for a specific student, use the Search field in this pane.

Students search box image

When you position the cursor over a student's name, their email address appears. 

Student's credentials

If you position the cursor over the coloured dot next to the student's name, the group name they are enrolled in can be checked.

Student group

Together with the student names this view also includes other icons, which are explained under Legend.

3. Add / Remove buttons

In the fourth pane, you have the option to use the Add and/or Remove buttons. 

Add / Remove students buttons image

It can be used to add students from the Students pane to a group or remove students from a group (see Brightspace groups). Students must be first selected by clicking on the tick box on the left side of their name, in order for the options above to be active.

To more information on how to add or remove students from groups in GroupTool visit: GroupTool | How to manage students' enrolments and/or groups 

4. Legend

In the fourth pane, the Legend is provided. It explains the icons and colours that appear on the left of each student name in the Students list pane. This icon list is standard and will appear whether the icon is used or not (see picture below).

Legend image

The legend icons explain:

  • Membership status:
    • Green dot - for a student enrolled in the selected group (see pane on the right Brightspace groups)
    • Grey dot - for a student who is (also) enrolled in another group
  • Enrollment type:
    • Student
    • Re-exam student

5. Brightspace groups

In the fifth pane, you will find the Brightspace groups section. This option allows you to select from the existing Brightspace groups in the course by:

  1. the group Category - using the drop-down menu
  2. the Group - using the drop-down menu 
Brightspace Groups

Further options in this section are:

1. next to the Category drop-down menu

in case you need to edit the existing Brightspace groups

2. click on the icons next to the Group drop-down menu

  • "+" icon button - gives the possibility to add more groups from the same category
  • "-" icon button - gives the possibility to remove the added groups from the selection
  • Pencil icon button - allows to quickly edit the group’s name and/or to give a description if needed

By editing the name and/or description of the group using the Pencil icon button you will update the name and/or description of the group overall in Brightspace.

For more information about how to manage groups in GroupTool visit: GroupTool | How to manage students' enrollment and/or groups

6. Group enrollments

The Group enrollments option shows the list of students enrolled in a group based on the selection applied in option Brightspace groups.

Group Enrolment

For more information about how to edit the Group enrollments in GroupTool please visit: GroupTool | How to manage students' enrollment and/or groups

7. Export Groups Excel

At the bottom of the page, the "Export Groups Excel" option allows you to download an excel file that contains all categories , groups & participants. To do so;

  • Click on Export Groups Excel
export option

8. Import Groups Excel

At the bottom of the page, the "Import Groups Excel" option allows you to add students to the groups of your choice from an excel file. To do so;

  1. Download a template using the Export Groups Excel option. This will contain the correct format.
  2. Adjust the file accordingly, and
  3. Save

    Then in order to upload the file ;
  4. Click Choose file

This action will open up a new window where you can select the file you created.

Import option

To learn more about the usage of the import/export function visit the article: GroupTool | How to use bulk group enrollments

Make sure you have already created the categories and the groups in Brightspace, before exporting the file.

You know now about Groups features within GroupTool!


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