Classlist | How to change the role of a user in the Classlist

This article will show you how to change the role of a user in your classlist.

Be aware that EMC  (Education Modification Cycle) is now managing the Study handbook (Studie gids). Therefore,  any changes in Course Coordinator, Lecturer and Course Administrator roles should be made by sending an email to [email protected].

Every time that a course role change is published in EMC, only the persons that are registered for that course in EMC will be enrolled in the Brightspace course. This means that when you manually enrol participants with one of the above indicated roles in your Brightspace course and these are not registered in EMC for that course, they will be removed from the Brightspace course by the EMC connection.

Teaching Assistant, Student Assistant, Guest Lecturer, Guest Presenter and Viewer roles can be enroled to Brightspace from the course classlist by either the Course Coordinator or the Course Administrator..

Change the role of a user in the classlist

Only the Course Coordinator is able to change the role of users.

Navigate to your course, in the green navigation bar,

  1. Click on Communication, a drop-down menu will appear
  2. Click on Classlist
In course page go to Communication, then Classlist

On the Classlist homepage you will see a table with all the participants in your course,

  1.  Click on the Selectbox in front of  the user you want to change the role
  2.  Click on Enrolment
Classlist homepage
  1.  Click on the downward arrow
  2. Click on a New Role (i.e. Teaching Assistant)
  3. Click on Save


Click the new role and click on Save

The role of the selected user has been changed.

Now you know how to change the role of a user in the classlist!