Discussions | How to edit the settings for Discussions

In settings it is possible to select the ways in which topics and posts are displayed, in which way you want to value default posts and whether you follow your own threads automatically or not. These settings are about how Discussions are displayed to you personally.

This article will show you how to edit the settings for Discussions, influencing the way you see Discussions.

1. Navigate to Communication in your navbar

2. Select Discussions

Communication - Discussion

You will now end up on the homepage of Discussions.

3. Click Settings

Discussions homepage - settings

This will open a page with settings for the Discussions tool only. Here you can set up:

Personal Settings & Org Unit Settings
Discussions Settings - Person and Org Unit settings
1. Display Settings

Check the box if you always want an overview of your discussion fora and topics on the left side of your screen when clicking a topic/thread (Always show the Discussion List Pane), and/or if you want to see deleted posts when searching in discussion topics (Display deleted posts).

2. Default View

Select if you want to see the titles of discussion posts below each other, and you then have to click on posts to open them (Grid View) or if complete posts are displayed below each other (Reading View).

3. Reply Settings

Check the box to include the original post in reply.

4. Subscription Settings

Check the box to automatically follow threads you have created yourself.

5. Org Unit Settings

Select whether participants can rate a discussion post based on stars or upvote / downvote:

  • Default Rating Scheme: No Ratings (no one can give a rating). 
  • Other options to choose from are: 
    • Five-Star Rating Scheme - participants can value discussions posts based on a scale from 1 to 5
    • Up Vote/Down Vote Rating Scheme - participants of the discussion can vote posts up or down
    • Up Vote Only Rating Scheme - participants of the discussion can only vote posts up


Grid View Settings

Here you can select which info is included in the grid:

Discussions Settings - Grid view settings
1. Topic Descriptions

Check the box if you would like to have a short description of the topic; Topic descriptions display in the Message List (this is visible to all members!)

2. Default Threading Style

Select Threaded if you want to see all posts belonging to a thread together; select Unthreaded if you want to see all posts in chronological order.

3. Display Settings

Select if you would like messages you click to open in the lower half of your screen (instead of pop-up)(Show the preview pane) and/or if you would like a search bar to search for posts (Show the search bar).

4. Post Fields to Display

Check Post ID to show the ID of the post; check Org Defined ID to show the ID of the author of the post.

5. Character Limits

If you would like to limit the amount of characters in the title of the post; fill in the desired amount in Subject Characters to Display.


4. To finalise the setup of the discussion forum settings click Save.


Now you know how to edit your settings for Discussions!


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