Course Home | How to manage an Announcement

Announcements can be used to update students quickly and easily about important course information.
It is possible to easily delete and retrieve Announcements.

This article will show how to manage your Announcements:

Go to the Announcements Tool on the Course Home.

1. Click on the downward arrow next to Announcements

2. Click on Go to Announcements Tool

Go to Announcements Tool option, click on the downward arrow, a drop down menu wil appear Click on Go to Announcements tool

This action will open the Announcements page, you will see list of created announcements.

3. Click on the downward arrow right next to the Announcement name, a drop down menu will appear:

Announcement - managing options
  • To Edit the Announcement - the options are the same as when Making an Announcement
  • To View the Announcement
  • To Dismiss from Widget - this option will make the Announcement invisible on the Course Home
  • To Delete the Announcement
How to delete one or more Announcements

To Delete multiple Announcements in one go, select the announcements by:

1.  Either ticking the box next to a specific individual announcement or ticking the box next to Title to select all the announcements in one go.

2. Then, click on Delete

Announcements - how to delete
How to retrieve a deleted Announcement
  1. Click on the gray button More Actions, a drop-down menu will appear
  2. From the list click on Restore
Announcements homepage - More Actions - Restore

This action will open a new window with the list of deleted announcements. Navigate to the announcement(s) you wish to restore:

3. Click on the Select box in front of the announcement(s) title

4. Click on the blue-button Restore

Restore announcements - select

When you are adjusting your announcement, you can ensure that all participants of your course directly receive a notification of the updated announcement. In order to do this, tick the box in the Edit Announcement screen (this is done via the drop-down arrow of an Announcement, by pressing Edit. Tick the option Major edit - send a notification and restore it for those who dismissed it (found below the HTML-editor).

You now know how to manage your Announcements in Brightspace!

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