LabBuddy | How to use LabBuddy in Brightspace

In Brightspace, LabBuddy is an integrated external learning tool and it can easily be added to a course (sub)module.

If you are interested in implementing this tool, please visit LabBuddy Intranet Page for more information.

Open your ExperD program.

  1. Click on LTI link tab on the LabBuddy page that you want to link to the Brightspace page
  2. Click on Copy LTI link to clipboard
LTI link

Navigate to your Course in Brightspace, in the green navigation bar,

  1. Click on Content
  2. Select  the [(sub)module name] you would like to add the LTI link
  3. Click on Existing Activities, a drop-down menu will appear
  4. Click on External Learning Tools
Click on Content, Select the module, Click on Existing Activities and click on External Learning Tools

In the pop-up window Add Activity, scroll down and,

  1. Click on Create New LTI Link
Create new LTI link

In the new pop-up window,

  1. Enter a title for the link
  2. Under LTI URL* copy and paste the following link: or the link in your clipboard (see step 2). This action enables Brightspace to automatically select the option Labbuddy edusupport-wur LTI 1.3 Deployment under the drop-down menu Tool*. Therefore, no action needs to be taken with regards to the Tool* drop-down menu
  3. Click on Create and Insert
Enter a title, paste the LTI URL and create and insert
  1. Click on the downward arrow in the newly created LabBuddy topic
  2. Click on Edit Properties In-place
Edit Properties in Place
  1. Tick the box Open as External Resource

On the LabBuddy page,

  1. Click on Log out (top-right or lower-left corner)
Log out

On your Brightspace page,

  1. Click on the LabBuddy link you want to test
Click The LAbBuddy link

If you are logged into LabBuddy, the link works. If you get an Access denied message check if any of the steps were skipped.

Now you know how to use LabBuddy in Brightspace!


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