Statistics | How to reset course Content statistics

In Brightspace it is possible to reset the statistics on the course Content. 

In this article you will learn how to:

Some things to consider when resetting course content statistics:

  • Reset Statistics resets the number of visits and the time spent in each content topic, displayed on the Content Statistics page and in the Class Progress tool.
  • Reset Statistics does not reset the content completion status of any student for any content topic, in the Content tool or in the Class Progress tool.

Reset statistics of a Brightspace course Content

First navigate to your Brightspace course, then follow the steps on How to access course Content statistics. On the Statistics page:

  1. Click on the button Reset Statistics
Course content statistics tab

A window pops out with a confirmation message.

  1. Click the button Delete

The course Content statistics of your Brightspace course has now been deleted and reset.


Now you know how to reset the course Content statistics!