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Surveys are an excellent way to solicit feedback from participants regarding any aspect of a course. It is possible to gather anonymous or non-anonymous opinions and information from users. Unlike Quizzes, survey questions do not have to have right or wrong answers and Likert-style rating questions are possible.

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Navigate to your course, in the green navigation bar,

1. Click on Assessment, a drop-down menu will appear

2. Click on Surveys

assessment menu open in navigation bar, click on surveys

The Surveys homepage

This will take you to the Surveys homepage where you can see an overview of the existing Surveys. From this page, it is possible to create, edit and manage your Surveys. There are two tabs available, Manage Surveys and Question Library

Surveys homepage - two tabs: Manage Surveys and question library

Manage Surveys Tab

The Manage Surveys tab contains the general survey settings and an overview of the available Surveys.  At the top of the Manage Surveys tab you can find the following options:

explanation surveys homepage. View of manage surveys tab
1. New Survey button

The New Survey homepage will open

For more information and instructions, please visit: How to Create a Survey

New Survey homepage
2. Edit Categories button

Organise your Surveys into categories to make it easier for users to navigate to the appropriate survey. For example, you can create separate categories for different types of surveys. When structuring your course, you can first create categories and later place surveys in them. 

On the Survey's homepage,

  1. Click on the Manage Surveys tab
  2. Click on Edit Categories, this will open the Edit Categories homepage of Surveys
manage surveys tab in surveys homepage
  1. Click on Add Category,  a new category will be created
edit categories screen in surveys tool

The category has been created,

  1. Give a name to the New category
  2. Click on Save and Close or Save

When creating or editing a Survey, they can be assigned to the new category

category in list overview, add a title to it in the typing box
3. More Actions button

By clicking on More Actions a drop-down menu will appear with additional options

More Actions drop down buttom
1. Copy

This function will open the Copy Survey page. It is possible to create a copy of any element on your Survey homepage.

  1. Click on the downward arrow to select the Survey you want to copy from
  2. Give a new name to the Survey that is being copied. The name assigned by default is Copy of {Name of the Survey copied}
  3. Check the box Hide from Users, if you want the users to see the survey copied
  4. Checking the Edit Survey after copy completes will open the Edit Survey page, after saving the copied Survey
  5. Click on Save
Copy Survey page
2. Reorder

This will open the Reorder Surveys page, where you can change the order of your surveys. In the table overview, under the column Sort Order

  1. Click on the downward arrow next to the number, a list of numbers will appear
  2. Select the number of the new position you want to give to the Survey
  3. Click on Save

Changing the order number of an item will change the order number of all the following ones. For instance, if you reorder the ''Survey book selection for position statement MLP-A'' in the fourth position, the survey that was previously in that position will be moved to the third position.

Reorder Surveys page
3. Make Visible to Users / Hide from Users

By ticking the box next to the surveys and then selecting the ''Make Visible to Users'' or ''Hide from Users'', the selected survey will be visible or hidden to the class list.

If a Survey is hidden from users, a visibility icon will appear (crossed-over eye). For example, Survey 1 is hidden from users, whilst Survey 2 is visible to users.

Survey visible/ hided from users
4. Delete

It is possible to delete a Survey from your course.

  1. Click on the checkbox next to the name of the Survey you want to delete
  2. Click on Delete, a confirmation pop-up window will open
screen to delete a survey, click on the checkbox at the left side of the survey name to select it and click on delete

In the Confirmation pop-up window,

  1. Click on Yes to confirm the Survey Deletion
Confirmation pop up to delete a survey
4. Preview

It is possible to sort the Surveys according to availability or category.

  1. Click on the downward arrow, a drop-down menu will unfold
  2. Select if you want to sort the survey By Availability or By Category 
  3. Click on the Apply button
Preview drop down button
5. Survey table overview

This shows an overview of all the Surveys that have been created for this course. It is possible to Bulk Edit the Surveys or take actions on one of your Surveys by accessing the Survey’s quickmenu,

Overview of the survey table
1. Bulk Edit

It is possible to edit multiple surveys at once,

  1. Tick the checkbox next to Current Surveys to select all the Surveys


    Individually select the checkboxes for multiple surveys
  2. Click on Bulk Edit 
Bulk Editing

This will open the Bulk Edit Surveys Homepage,

Bulk Edit Surveys
  1. Name - to change the names of the different Surveys
  2. Category - to allocate the Surveys to a different category (or add a new category)
  3. Hide from Users - to change the visibility of a Survey, tick the checkbox under Hide from Users. A Survey will automatically be visible to students unless the checkbox is ticked.
  4. Save or Cancel - to save or cancel the editing settings
2. Survey quickmenu

The Surveys homepage allows you to easily take different actions concerning one of your Surveys by accessing the Survey’s quickmenu,

  1. Click on the downward arrow, next to the Survey's name
Survey Quickmenu

A drop-down menu will appear, it is possible to

Survey quickmenu


  1. Edit the Survey - this will open the Edit Survey Page 
  2. Hide from users - to make the survey invisible to students. The icon of the crossed eye will appear next to the Survey
  3. Preview - this will open the Preview page, to view a preview of your survey and to test the survey as if you were a student
  4. Reports - to view the Survey's Reports. These will only be available when you have completed the Reports Survey of this particular survey.
  5. Statistics - to open the Results page. Here, it's possible to have an overview of the attempts and results


Now you know how to use the Surveys Tool in Brightspace!

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