GroupTool | How to bulk enroll students to non-regular courses

For non-regular courses, Course Coordinators or Course Administrators can add students to the classlist.
Enrolling many students at once can be done more easily by using an excel file with the help of the GroupTool, incorporated into Brightspace.  

This article will explain:

  • How to use GroupTool's import/export features to enroll students to non-regular courses. 

Non-regular courses are non-OSIRIS related courses, thus not centrally scheduled:

  • BSc and MSc study programme sites
  • Thesis rings

GroupTool Import/Export features

Navigate to your Brightspace course page. Then, in the green navigation bar

  1. Click on Communication
  2. Click on GroupTool, which will open a new tab in the browser
Communication > GroupTool

3. Click on the Classlist button in the new window

4. Click on the download button next to Export Classlist Excel to export an Excel file with the appropriate format

The exported Excel file should look like in the image below.

In this file, at the end of the list in column B, you can insert the WUR emails of the (new) students to be enrolled. To successfully enroll these students, it is important that in column A you insert enroll and in column C student for each (new) student.  

After editing the Excel file, click on Save.

5. Click on the button Choose file next to Import Classlist Excel. Select the updated Excel file.

You will receive a green pop-up notification of a successful import and the changes will be applied immediately. You can now close the tab and return to your Brightspace course page. Double-check the updated classlist to make sure that the uploading was completed. 


If the import is not successfully completed you will receive an error message. In this case, there are several things to check:

  • Non-WUR emails will cause problems
  • Empty rows will cause problems
  • Duplicates (including the same students twice) will cause problems

Now you know how to bulk enroll students to your non-regular courses classlist through GroupTool!