Turnitin | How to enable TurnitinĀ® for a new Brightspace Assignment

In Brightspace it is possible to create assignments that will be checked for plagiarism. Therefore, TurnitinĀ® has been integrated with Brightspace Assignments with the Originality Check feature (for details visit Turnitin - The Similarity Report).

This manual will show how to:

The current TurnitinĀ® license now covers the similarity and plagiarism check. The feedback and grading tool is no longer included. See How to give Evaluation and Feedback to an Assignment in Brightspace.

Enabling TurnitinĀ® for a new Brightspace Assignment

First, navigate to your Brightspace course page. Then,

  1. Click Assessments in the navigation bar
  2. Click Assignments from the drop-down menu
Navigating to Assignments

The Assignments homepage opens, here,

  1. Click New Assignment
Screenshot of the Assignments Homepage

This action will open the Edit Assignment homepage.

  1. Click the Evaluation & Feedback in the left vertical panel of the page
screenshot shows the settings page of the new assignment, and in the right vertical bar the Evaluation and Feedback tab is highlighted as there the Turnitin option can be enabled

The tab will open with options for evaluation and feedback of the assignment. Navigate to the section TurnitinĀ® Integration at the bottom of the list of options.

  1. Click Manage TurnitinĀ® to open the TurnitinĀ® options
Evaluation & Feedback tab

A window pops up with the TurnitinĀ® Integration options.

  1. Click the selectbox of Enable Originality CheckĀ® for this folder under Originality CheckĀ® to activate the tool for plagiarism
  2. Click the button Save to save the changes and close the window

Once you click the selectbox to enable Originality Check the button More options in TurnitinĀ® will become available. Here you can adjust the settings for Originality CheckĀ®.

For information on settings read the manual .

Enabling GradeMarkĀ® and Originality CheckĀ®

After the pop-up window closes the new settings will appear in the Evaluation & Feedback tab under the Turnitin Integration.

Continue editing the assignment as usual, then click the button Save. You will return to the Brightspace assignment Submissions homepage.

For information on Brightspace assignment settings read Assignment homepage Settings in the manual How to create an assignment.

On the Brightspace Assignments homepage, your newly created assignment with Turnitin enabled will have a binoculars icon next to its name indicating this setting.

screenshot of the Brightspace assignment homepage showing the icon of Turnitin next to the name of the assignment

For information on which files for submission are supported by Turnitin please read the manual TurnitinĀ® submission file requirements.

You now know how to enable TurnitinĀ® for a Brightspace Assignment!


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