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The HTML Editor integrates with all Brightspace tools that have HTML content creation capabilities. For example, the HTML Editor is available when you edit discussion topics, create custom instructions for assignments, and create content topics.

This article shows how to:

There are several ways to access the Editor. For more information, please visit: Where to find the Editor.

In the Editor,

  1. Click on the Insert Image icon
Click on Insert image

Inserting Image

A pop-up window Insert Image will open. In the Editor, it is possible to insert images via Insert Image or via Insert Stuff. By clicking on Insert Image only the options for adding an image can be seen, making it easier to find the correct image insertion option. Select from one of the options:

Add a file pop-up window
1. My Computer

Click My computer to upload an image from your computer files

For more information about image insertion, please visit: My Computer.

2. URL

URL settings will open in the same pop-up window,

  1. Enter the URL of the image you want to insert
  2. Click on Add
Enter the URL of the image and click on Add

A new pop-up window will appear,

  1. Add alternative text to describe your image


    Select the checkbox This image is decorative
  2. Click on OK
Provide Alternative Text
3. Course Offering Files

Course Offering Files to reuse a file that you have already uploaded in your course in Brightspace

For more information about Image insertion, please visit: Course Offering Files.

Now you know how to Insert Image in the Editor in Brightspace!

Want to know more about the Editor in Brightspace?

Please visit:


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