MS Teams | How to link a MS Teams' team to Brightspace

After you have created your team in MS Teams, you can share a link to it in your Brightspace environment for students to access it. 

  1. Go to the Teams tab in the left vertical panel
  2. Click on the three dots next to your course’s name
  3. Click on Get link to team
get link in teams

A new window will appear with your teams’ URL link.

  1. Click Copy.
Link url to copy teams

Once you have copied the link's URL, go to your Brightspace course page to add the link to your course.

Once you have copied the link to your team in Teams, go to your Brightspace course page

  1. Click Content in the green navigation bar
  2. Click the (sub)module where you want your link to be placed
  3. Click the blue button Upload/Create 
  4. Click Create a Link
add a link in bs for ma teams

A new window will appear to fill in the information about your link. 

  1. Give your link a tittle
  2. Paste the copied link in the URL box
  3. Tick the selectbox Open as External Resource. If you don’t select it you won’t be able to open the link. 
  4. Click Create
adding msteam link to bs

The link to your team in MS Teams application will appear in the content view as a Link type of activity.  

link in content ms teams

The link will open in a new window that will redirect you to Microsoft’s launcher. Here you can choose to open the team either in the desktop app or in the browser. We recommend using the desktop app (download the desktop app).


Now you know how to link your team of MS Teams to your Brightspace course page!


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