FeedbackFruits | How to add a grade item to FeedbackFruits Learning Tools

FeedbackFruits is one of the external learning tools that is already integrated into Brightspace. FeedbackFruits is a suite of assignment tools that provide students with opportunities to give and receive feedback related to a range of assessment activities.

This article shows how to:

Adding a grade item to FeedbackFruits Learning Tools

Navigate to your course, in the green navigation bar,

  1. Click on Content
  2. Click on the desired (sub)module
  3. Click on the desired FeedbackFruits Learning Tool Assignment
Navigate to your course, click on content, then click on the desired (sub)module, then click on the FeedbackFruit assignment

This action will open the FeedbackFruits assignment,

  1. Click on the Add a grade item... under the FeedbackFruits display
Adding a grade item to external learning tool
  1. If you have already made a grade item, click on the -- No Grade --, and select the grade item you want to link
  2. If you need to the FeedbackFruits Assignment to a new grade item, click on + New Grade Item
Clicking on add grade item

This action will open the New Grade Item window as a pop-up.

For further information on how to create a New Grade item, please visit: Creating a Grade Item

After filling in all the criteria for the New Grade Item

  1. Click on the Create blue button
A pop-up window will appear to create New Grade item

The pop-up window will close. The name of the newly made grade item will appear under Assessment.

  1. Click on the Save blue button
Once new grade item created, click on the blue button save

You can remove a Grade Item by changing it to -- No Grade --.

The New Grade item has been successfully attached.

New Grade item has been successfully attached to the FeedbackFruit assignment


Now you know how to add a grade item to FeedbackFruits Learning Tools in Brightspace!


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