How to use the Question Library

To add questions to a quiz in Brightspace you can make use of the Question Library.

This article will explain:

  1. Click on Assessment in the navbar of the course
  2. From the drop-down menu click on Quizzes
Click Assessment, then click Quizzes

On the Quiz homepage

  1. Click the tab Question Library to open the Question Library
Click Question Library tab

In the Question Library homepage you will see the list of questions and sections but only those created via/added to the Quiz Library.  

For more information on the Question Library please visit: How to manage the Question Library

Question Library - button New and button Import

From this page you have two options:

4. Create new questions (blue button New)

5. Import questions (grey button Import)

  • From a file (Upload a File - .csv and .zip files are supported)
  • Search questions from other quizzes in the course (Browse Existing Questions)

Importing existing questions to the Question Library

When browsing existing questions, it is also possible to use the search function to find specific questions.

In the Question Library:

  1. Click Import
  2. From the drop-down menu click Browse Existing Questions
Click Import button, then click Browse Existing Questions

A sidebar to Browse Existing Questions will open with options to browse for questions of other course quizzes where you can use different filters to search for/review existing questions (1 - 5):

Browse Existing Questions sidebar explanation
(1- 5) Filters in Browse Existing Questions

The following filter options can help you narrow down your search for questions to be added to the quiz:

  1. Search by title or text
  2. Search by (quiz) source (different quizzes within the course page)
  3. Filter by Question type - filter applies only to the Source selected
  4. Sort by Question type, or Points (Low to High/ High to Low), or Title or Text (A to Z / Z to A) - sorts only the results of the source selected
  5. Preview the question

When one of the filters (1 - 5) is used, the questions appear in the list. 

To add the searched questions to the Question Library

  1. Click the Selectbox of the question(s) to be added
  2. Click the blue button Import

Questions that have been already added to the Quiz Question library will indicate so underneath the name of the question with a check mark and a text Already Imported.


The selected questions will be added to the Question Library at the bottom of the list. To finish

  1. Click the blue button Done Editing Questions in the upper right corner
Click Done Editing Question to finish

You will be taken back to the Manage Quizzes homepage.

You now know how to use the Quiz Question Library in Brightspace!

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