Quizzes | How to create a Quiz

Quizzes can be used to assess students while using pre-set questions.

This article will explain will show how to:

  • create a quiz

Creating a quiz

Navigate to your course page. Then,

  1. Click on Assessments in the green navbar
  2. From the drop-down menu, click on Quizzes to open the Quiz homepage
Click Assessment, then click Quizzes

On the Quiz homepage

  1. Click the blue button New Quiz to open the Quiz creation menu
Quizzes homepage - click New Quiz button

In the new page you are able to setup the quiz:

  1. Enter a name for the quiz
5. (Optional) Add Category

To create a category the quiz will be part of - enter a name and click Save.

The Category is one option as a filter on the Quiz homepage (the other one being Availability)

6. Add/Edit Questions

To add questions to the quiz or edit existing ones.

For more please visit: Adding questions to a Quiz

7. (Optional) Add Description

Add Description text to the quiz. This text will also appear as a description of the item when you add it to the course Content (How to add a Quiz to Content).

From July 2021, the Introduction field has been removed. If you've made use of it in the past, the text will now appear in the Description field. Please make sure check that Description has been turned on, if it contains relevant information for students.

9. (Optional) Optional Advanced Properties

You can set up additional properties for the quiz such as:

  • Allow hints
  • Disable right click
  • Disable Email, Instant Messages and alerts while taking the quiz
  • set up Notification email
  1. Click the button Save and Close or the button Save to save your setup progress and continue working on the quiz
New quiz tab

When you have your quiz set up you can start adding questions to it. For instructions please follow: Adding questions to a Quiz

By default, the newly set up quiz will be hidden from the student's view. 

To unhide it click the arrow next to the name of the quiz in the Quiz homepage, and from the quickmenu select Make visible to Users.


You now know how to create a quiz in Brightspace!

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