How to access the Editor

TheĀ HTML Editor integrates with all Brightspace Learning Environment tools that have HTML content creation capabilities. For example, the HTML Editor is available when you edit discussion topics, create custom instructions for assignments, Ā and create content topics.

In this article, you will learn how to

There are several ways to access the Editor. For more information, please visit: Where to find the Editor

How to access the Editor from Content

1. Click on Content in the green navigation bar of your course

2. Select the module you want to add text or a file to using the HTML-editor

3. Click on Upload / Create

4. Click on Create a File

Click on Content, then on (sub)module, then click on the blue Upload/ Create button, then click on Create a File

After this action, you will be redirected to Create a File homepage

5. Enter a Title

6. (Optional) Click on Select a Document Template

The option Select a Document Template can only be found when Creating a File

Enter a Title then click Select a document template to choose a template (optional)

7. Add content in the text box. Learn more about the available options in How to add text in the Editor

8. (Optional) Click on Change Path below the text box, you can select where to save the content in Manage Files. For more information, please visit How to use Manage Files tool in Brightspace.

9. Click Save and Close. This will publish the new item you created in the module

Write description of file created, formatting toolbar when done click on save and close

Now you know how to access the Editor from Content in Brightspace!