How to link H5P with grades

As you may have already discovered in the article How to set up H5P, H5P offers a big range of tools and possibilities. Here you will learn more of the options that H5P includes. This article will show you how to link grades to H5P items.

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In H5P you have the possibility to link an H5P item to a grade item in the Brightspace gradebook. While creating new content in H5P you have the possibility to fill in Title (metadata). This title in H5P will also be used in Brightspace as grade item title. Follow the next steps to do so:

1. Navigate to Content in the navbar

navigate to content in the navbar

2. Navigate to the module where your H5P is located

3. Click on the black arrow next to the H5P content item. A drop-down menu will open

4. Click Edit HTML. This will take you to the H5P editing page


view of the content module where H5P content is located

5. Click on the Add Stuff button. A pop-up window will open

add a title for your item and click the add stuff button in the top left of the text box

6. Scroll down and select H5P in the Insert Stuff pop-up window. This will lead you to the H5P homepage

scroll down and click H5P

7. Click on your H5P folder

you will see the new folder created. Click on it

8. Click on the name of the H5P item you want to link to grades

in the new folder, click add content

9. Click Edit

H5P editing view. Click Edit

You will see now the following screen. Scroll down to visualize the extra options section.

go to the edit h5p page. Add a title to the assignment

10. Click on the tab LTI Settings

11. Under the section Choose when to send scores to the LMS, select what attempt option will generate a grade

12. Click Save or Save and Insert

scroll down to the extra options sections, open the tab LTI assignment and select what attempt will be scored

After making these changes, a new grade item will be generated in your Brightspace gradebook and the grades will be exported from H5P to Brigthspace automatically.

in the gradebook you will see the new grade item created

Congratulations, now you know how to link grade items to H5P content!

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