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H5P is a functionality integrated into Brightspace that allows creating interactive content within your course. H5P allows teachers to create, share and reuse interactive material such as presentations, quizzes, timelines, 360 pictures, and interactive videos. You can learn more about all the possibilities of H5P on their website.

This article will show you:

Keep in mind that student  to H5P  are not saved in the system! When students refresh their Brightspace page, their answers will disappear.

How to set up an H5P directory

  1. Navigate to Content in your course
  2. Navigate to the module where you want to add interactive content
  3. Click Upload/Create. A drop-down menu will open
  4. Click Create a File. This will take you to the Create File homepage
click upload/create, then click create a file
  1. Add a name to your new content item
  2. Click the Insert Stuff button
add a title for your item and click the add stuff button in the top left of the text box

In the Insert Stuff pop-up window,

  1. Scroll down and select H5P content 

This will lead you to the H5P homepage

It is a good practice to organize your H5P content. By doing this, you are helping to maintain the back-end administration environment nicely organized for all users.

  1. Click New folder
Click new folder
  1. Enter a name with your course code for your folder in the pop-up window
  2. Click Create
give a name to your folder in the pop up window, click create

After creating the folder with your course code, you will find it in the H5P homepage under the section My Content.

  1. Click on your folder to access it
you will see the new folder created. Click on it

At this point, you have set up your H5P working directory. Every time you want to create new H5P content, you just need to navigate to your own folder, the one you just created. Continue to the next section to see how to add content to your course.

How to add H5P content

After following the last steps to set up the working environment, now you can start adding content to your course from within your folder. Follow the next steps to do so:

  1. From your own H5P folder, click Add Content. A new screen will show a list with the content items available
in the new folder, click add content
  1. Use the search bar or scroll down to choose one of the H5P content types available
  2. Click on the item type you want to add
search and select the tool you want to use for H5P

You can click on the Details button to get more information and tutorials about the particular content type. You can also explore all the H5P content types on the H5P website.

After you select one content type, you will see the item editing page. There is a great variety of content type that can be added with H5P, which can be very useful for different situations depending on your learning goals.

  1. Follow to steps indicated on the specific item type manual. Here you have some examples, but feel free to explore all the possibilities by yourself

Once you finish setting up the tool,

  1. Click Save and Insert
add the fields of the item by following the steps given by H5P

You can introduce the Virtual 360º Tour to add 360º pictures. If you are interested in implementing this tool, WUR has a 360⁰ camera. Contact [email protected] for more information.

Now you will see a preview of the content item created. From here you can also edit the item before publishing it.

6-7. (Optional) Edit the content before inserting it
  1. (Optional) Check the created content and click Edit it if you want to make any change
  2. Click Refresh Preview to load again the item page after changes are made
  1. When you are satisfied with the result, click Insert
check if the item content is ready. Then click insert

Now you will be back in the Brightspace homepage of Create File. You will now see your new inserted item.

  1. Click Save and Close. This will include the H5P item in your content module
click save and close in the create a file page

Now you know how to include interactive H5P content into your Brightspace course!


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