How to associate a rubric with a discussion topic

Once a rubric is created, it can be associated with an evaluation item, such as a discussion topic. You can link an existing rubric to a discussion topic, then users will be able to provide peer-feedback and grading. You can learn more about how to a discussion forum here: How to create a Discussion Forum.

This article will show you how to associate a rubric with an already existing discussion topic.

Be aware, from the moment you associate your rubric with a discussion topic, you will not be able to make any changes on the rubric. First, you will need to unlink the rubric to edit it and then, link it back to the discussion topic.

Tip - create a copy of the rubric. In that case, if you do want to make changes, simply use this copied rubric to do so.

Open the course page where you want to link a rubric to a Discussion topic. Then:

1. Navigate to Communication

2. Click Discussions. This will lead you to the Discussions homepage

navigate to discussions. Click communication and then discussions

3. Click on the arrow next to the discussion topic you want to associate the rubric with

4. Click Edit Topic in the dropdown menu that opens

in the discussions list tab, click on the black arrow next to the discussion topic name, then click edit topic

5. Click on the tab Assessment

6. Select a Grade item to link to the discussion topic

7. Set the maximum score for the assignment

8. Click Add Rubric and select in the pop-up window the rubric you want to associate with this discussion

9. Click Save and Close

click on the assessment tab, then select the grade item to link to the discussion topic, set a maximum score, add a rubric with the button add rubric. Click Save and close

Now you know how to associate a rubric with a discussion topic!