How to add questions to a Quiz from Question Library

In the article How to add questions to a Quiz two ways of adding questions to a quiz have been introduced, adding questions manually by creating them, and adding questions via Import option - by uploading a file or by adding them through the Question Library.

This article will explain:

Add questions via Question Library

To start first follow the Steps 1 to 5 of the article How to add questions to a Quiz. Then,

  1. Click the grey button Import
  2. Click Browse Question Library

A window rolls out from the right with option to Browse the Question Library.

Here, you can make use of the filters in Browse Existing Questions to search for question you want to add.

Questions in the Question Library already added to some quiz(zes) will indicate so below by the question's name with a text starting Also in: [...].

To add the (searched) questions to the quiz:

  1. Click the Selectbox of the question(s) to be added
  2. Click the arrow of the blue button Import
  3. Select where you want to import the question:
    • Import to Top of the Quiz
    • Import to Bottom of the Quiz
    • Import to Section
click the Selectboxes of questions, then click arrow on the button Import, select to which position to import (top or bottom)

Selecting the Top or Bottom option for the position of the Question in the quiz will close this window and redirect you to the Quiz Questions window:

You can continue adding questions via Add button or again via the Import button and follow the Steps 3 to 5 of this article.

When a question from the Question Library is already added to the current quiz a text Already Imported and a check mark appear with the question name in the Browse Question Library window:

Order added question

When you have added all the required questions to your quiz, you are now able to reorder them to your liking.

  1. Hover with your mouse over the question and vertical dots appear before the question name
  1. Click the 6 vertical dots
  2. Drag with your mouse the question where you wish to position it
    • a blue line will indicate the position as you move the question in the list

Once you have dragged and dropped the question in the desired position in the quiz question list, the order number of the question updates automatically.

Finish new quiz setup with new questions added

  1. Click < Back to Settings for your quiz name on the top of the page to continue setting up the quiz

You will return to the Quiz settings page. Here,

  1. Continue adding information following the Steps 7 to 10 of the article How to create a Quiz.

You now know how to add questions from a Question Library to a new quiz in Brightspace!

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