How to view course Content statistics

On the course content statistics homepage, you can see the overview by the content or by the user on the course content activity. You are able to view online, export reports (on content and on SCORM objects), and reset the statistics.

In this article you will learn about:

For information on exporting reports (on content and on SCORM objects) click here, and for resetting the statistics click here.

How to access course Content statistics

First, navigate to the course you want to see the statistics for. Then,

  1. Click Content
  2. Click on Table of Contents. On the right side of the screen appear three buttons.
  3. Click Related Tools
  4. Click View Reports

You will be redirected to a page with an overview of the class activity of the course content.

The default view is Statistics with the overview organised either by Content or by Users. By clicking on the tabs you can change the view accordingly.

Content statistics - tab Content

In the Content tab of the Statistics page you will see an overview grouped by course content presented in a table with columns named Content, Users Visited, and Average Time Spent:

1. Content column

In the column Content, you can see the content organised by the modules you have in your course. Each item (video, link, document, weblecture, etc) you include will be shown in this list. The names of items are the same as when viewed in Content.

Before each item, you will always see an icon indicating what type of item it is, and behind it, the icon of visibility, if applicable. You will also see if there is some broken link (example: in the picture above the item Livestreams has an icon before the name with an orange bolt indicating that the link is a Quicklink).

2. Available To

This column displays the number of users (from the Classlist)ÔÇ»that the specific content is available to.ÔÇ»This number shows the content available according toÔÇ»existing release conditions, special access (assignments and quizzes), group access (assignments and discussions), availability dates, hidden/visible state, and if the module parent is "available."┬á

3. Users Visited column

In the column Users Visited a number in blue letters will be indicating the number of students that visited the item (Note: A student who visits multiple times is only counted once).

By clicking on the number you will be redirected to a page with a more detailed overview of students who accessed this content item, showing an overview:

  • in which module the item is located
  • overal user statistics and availability of the item
  • a table overview organised by students' Last Name, First Name (sortable), whether the Content item is Available or not to the specific student, the date Last Visited, Number of Visits to the item, Total Time Spent on the item, and Average Time Spent on the item (pictured below).

You can also email the students on this Content item from this view by clicking the selectbox in the first row and then clicking the Email icon above the table.

Course content Statistics - tab Content - view per Item - detail

To return to the overall course Content Statistics overview, click on the blue button Go Back located at the the bottom of the page.

4. Average Time Spent column

This column shows the average time spent on the specific course content item calculated as the average time of all the students who visited this item. To see the average time by a user with a Student role in Brightspace, you can click on the blue number in the column Users Visited.

Content statistics - tab User

On the Statistics page under tab Users, you will see an overview of all students presented in a table organised by columns Last Name, First Name, Content Topics Available, and Content Topics Visited.

On this page, you are able to filter the view by User or by Group (field View By:). Or you can sort the view by Last Name or First name by clicking the header of the column.

Course content Statistics - tab Users

To see a more detailed overview of a particular student, click on their name in blue letters. This will open a page with information of the particular student's course content activity.

The information is organised in a table with columns Title (of the course item), Available (content item availability to student), (number of) Visits, Average Time Spent (per item), and (date) Last Visited. The rows are presented as is the Content structure of the course (Module name and its items).

Course content Statistics - tab Users - view per student

To return to the overall course students overview, click on the blue button Go Back located at the the bottom of the tab Users page.

You now know how to access the course Content statistics in Brightspace!