About Brightspace course enrolments

The enrollment of users in a course in Brightspace depends on the nature of the course and the role of the user. 

In this article you can find information about enrollments:

WUR-staff enrollments are based on the course administration in the WUR Study Handbook. For the study year 2020/2021 all staff (Course coordinators, Lecturers and Teaching Assistants) are already enrolled according to the Study Handbook.  From 2021/2022 onwards enrollments of staff will change.

1. Regular courses

For all regular centrally scheduled courses, enrollments are automatically processed by Brightspace for:

1.1. Students / Resit candidates

Student enrollments are based on the student course registrations (Osiris)

  • If the registration term is still open, students can register themselves via Osiris
  • When the registration term has closed for students, but still open for course coordinators, the course coordinator can register the student via Osiris for this course
  • When the registration term has closed for students and course coordinators: contact the Student Service Centre

The Education Support Centre strongly advises not to manually add students to a course in Brightspace; they will not be officially registered for the course.

1.2. WUR-staff

WUR-staff enrollments are based on the course administration in the WUR Study Handbook. There are several roles in the Handbook that can be registered per course, and the automatic enrollment in Brightspace is based on this administration. The role in Brightspace is linked to the role in the study guide:

  • Course coordinator (Brightspace role: course coordinator)
  • Lecturer (Brightspace role: lecturer)
  • Administrative procedures support ( Brightspace role: course administrator )¬†

However, there some wur-staff roles that need to be enrolled by the Course coordinators.

  • Teaching assistants (Brightspace role: teaching assistant)
  • Guest lecturers (Brightspace role: guest lecturers)

If any other user needs to have the Course Coordinator role, the formal Course coordinator can do a request to brightspace.helpdesk@wur.nl.

Enrollment Type  Roles
Automatic Enrollment  by study Handbook
  • Course coordinator¬†
  • Lecturer¬†
  • Administrative procedures support
Manual Enrollment by Course Coordinator
  • Guest lecturers
  • Teaching assistants

It is important that the course administration in the Handbook is up to date for the staff enrollments in Brightspace (and Osiris). If there are mutations in the course staff, the course coordinator needs to report these to studiegids@wur.nl or servicedesk.it@wur.nl

2. Non-regular courses

Non-regular courses are Brightspace courses (e.g. Thesis rings, Program sites etc.) that are not centrally scheduled. For all these type of courses enrollments are not automated. There are several ways to enroll users to the course:

2.1. Manually

Manually add users to the course can be done by a course coordinator.

2.2. Batch enrollments

Batch enrollments of a substantial amount of users (>30), send an e-mail with your request to brightspace.helpdesk@wur.nl. Attach an Excel file with the:

  • users e-mail addresses
  • course role names (e.g. Lecturer, Student etc.) ¬†
  • Brightspace course code in which they need to be enrolled

2.3. Self-enrollment

Make the course discoverable. This is only applicable in specific situations, the course will be open for every Brightspace user. Students can enroll themselves to the Brightspace course. This method has some limitations in the current version and is not yet recommended. Learn How to use Discover tool in Brightspace.

3. External users

External users (e.g. guest lecturers) with a WUR guest account have access to Brightspace but need to be added to a course manually by the course coordinator.