How to import e-modules

This article will show you how to import e-modules.

Please be aware of the difference between these modules and SCORM packages. A SCORM package has at least the documents index.htm(l) and imsmanifest.xml on the root of the zip. Is this not the case, then you are dealing with an e-module, which needs to be imported differently

Navigate to the course page where you want to import an e-module. Then:

1. Go to Course Tools

2. Click Manage Files


3. Create a file structure similar to the one in the module

4. Click Upload

5. Upload the content by using drag & drop or Upload

6. Click Save


Now, the e-module has to be linked.

7. Click Upload/Create

8. Click Add from Manage Files


9. Select the file by ticking the box in front of it

10. Click Add


You now know how to import e-modules!

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