How to use bulk Group enrolments

This article will show you how to create a file that is suitable for the bulk group enrollment in Brightspace

Beware: this instruction only applies in case  you want to make use of pre-defined student groups and have more than 50 students in the course. Otherwise the fastest way is to manually add the students to the groups.

Bulk group enrollments

In this instruction you are going to create a list of student groups using Excel with the purpose of sending the file to Brightspace support. They will then process this Excel sheet for you (create the groups and enroll the students). The starting point for creating the groups in Excel is MyPortal

Please be aware that the preferred way of working is to let the Brightspace Helpdesk create the group categories as well. If you wish to create the group categories yourself please make sure to use a unique “Group Prefix” for each group category you create in the same course. Otherwise it is not possible to distinguish the various groups with the admin tool and students cannot be batch enrolled.

First, navigate to the course in MyPortal

1. Click on + view members

2. Click on create datafile

3. Select the student's Account name and/or Email address. Email address is preferred for quick transfer!

4. Now create your groups within Excel by inserting group name rows and cutting and pasting student rows in the groups. Please have the email address (or WUR-account) in column A, and the EXACT group name as it is named in the course in column B

5. After your editing, save the Excel sheet and send it to the Brightspace helpdesk: You will receive a confirmation by email that a Planon ticket has been created for your request

You now know how to create an Excel sheet which can be used to bulk enroll pre-defined groups!