How to import grades in Brightspace

In Brightspace you can import all the grades of the students at once via a .csv file. This functionality is specially useful whenever you have an Excel or .csv file containing their grades, such as a file received from ANS (Digital Examination).

In this article you will learn:

How to prepare the .csv file

Downloading the .csv file template

Not every document is valid to upload the grades. Please follow the instructions below carefully. Extra or missing information can prevent you from being able to upload the grades.

Before importing a file into Brightspace, you need to have a template file with the right format to include the grades in. To do so, the best way is to export a template file directly from the course's page, fill in the grades, and then import that file back into Brightspace.

To do so,

1. Navigate to Grades in the navigation bar. This will take you to the grades homepage

navigate to Grades in the navbar

2. Click on the Enter Grades tab

3. Click on Export. This will redirect you to the Export Grades page

in the tab Enter grades, click Swtih to Spreadsheet view

4. Under Export Options section, select what fields you would like to include in your file. We recommend the following:

Export options

Under Key Field you can select to use either the Org Defined ID (in Brightspace this is the WUR-email-address) or Username (the WUR-account-name) or Both.

Points grade will enable you to enter the points as-is; using decimals if needed (for example enter a 7.8).

Grade Scheme will enable you to enter the output of a grade scheme that is used for the Grade Item directly (i.e.: Pass, Incomplete, etc.). Do not select this if you do not have text grades. 

As you already have selected the Org Defined ID, Username or Both, you don't need to select any of the User Details. 

Group Membership can be useful when entering grades that are linked to section or group based assignments, however, delete the column from your file once you have entered all the grades.

5. Scroll down to the section Choose Grades to Export

6. Select the grade items you would like to import grades to by clicking the selectboxes at the left side

Only select the grade items. Do not select Categories, Subtotals, Final Calculated Grade or Final Adjusted Grade. These cannot be imported and will prevent you from uploading your file when importing. Grade items will have a type description on the right side of the table.

select grade items

7. Click on Export to CSV

A pop-up window Export Grades will appear.

8. Click on Download. This action will download the .csv file in your computer


export grades completion page, click download

Editing the .csv file

Once the template has been downloaded, you can start editing it and add the grades.  To do so:

9. Open the .csv file, you just downloaded with Excel

The document will look something similar to this.

excel downloaded

Do not modify any of the column names of the file you downloaded. If these names are modified, the import process will not be able to properly recognise the grade items to be imported.

10. Add the grades to the Excel file under the column with the corresponding assignment name 

11. Important. Make sure your last column is named End-of-Line Indicator and includes the # symbol in all the cells of the column from the first to the last user

Your final document should look something like this.

final document

12. Click File and save the file in your computer as .csv format following the steps in this Microsoft page

You can change the settings of Excel to shift between comma (,) or dot (.) as decimal separator. Using a dot is recommended. Read this article to know how.

Now you have a .csv file with the right format and ready to be imported into your Brightspace course. Follow these steps to complete the importing process.

How to prepare the file from ANS (Digital Examination)

After the students have completed their digital examination in ANS, you can download a file that contains their grades. This file has a different format than the one that can be imported in Brightspace, therefore it cannot be directly uploaded. To assist you with the transfer an excel document has been created.

1. Download the files

1.1. Download the template from Brightspace

  1. Follow the step by step instructions here, to prepare the file
  2. Select both Org Defined ID and Username
  3. Select only the grade item that corresponds to Digital Examination
  4. Click Export to Excel

1.2. Download the file from Digital Examination (ANS)

  1. Follow the link for step by step instructions
  2. Select Student ID and E-mail on the export results
  3. Click Export

The export will be sent to you by e-mail.

1.3. Download the template workbook

2. Add data to the template

  1. Go to the first worksheet in the workbook ('Brightspace Export'), and
  2. Paste the data from the Brightspace file, starting from cell A1
  3. Go to the second worksheet in the workbook ('Ans'), and
  4. Paste all the data from the ANS-Digital examination file, starting from cell A1
  5. Go to the third worksheet ('Brightspace import')
  6. Select the whole table
  7. Copy and paste the values in a new workbook
  8. Save the file as .csv
  9. The file is ready to be imported in Brigthspace

When selecting the whole table, make sure to not select empty cells. This may result in 'Unrecognised user' errors.

How to import the .csv file with grades

As soon as the .csv file is ready with all the grades the file can be imported in Brightspace.

1. In the grades homepage, navigate to the tab Enter Grades

2. Click on Import

in the tab Enter grades, click Swtih to Spreadsheet view

3. In the Import Grades page, click on Choose File and select the .csv file you just created

4. Click on Continue

Import grades page. Choose the file to import, select the checkbox under item creation section, click continue

You will see in the next page a summary of errors and warnings found.

  • If any errors or warnings are found, they will be listed here
  • If a student is listed in the .csv but not in the course there will be an error 'Unrecognised user'
  • If everything is fine with the file to be imported, 'No errors or warnings found' will be shown

5. Click on Continue

errors and warnings found page, errors will be shown here. Click continue

In the next screen you will see a preview of the grades to be imported. You can check that everything is fine according to the original file. If the student was already graded, an arrow indicates that the grade will be changed from a previous value to the new one (e.g. 8/10 -> 7.3/10).

Once you have checked that the grades that will be imported are correct,

6. Click on Import.

import grades preview, an arrow will show if the grades are being modified from previous values to new ones, click import to confirm the import process

After successfully importing the grades, the message 'Imported successfully' will be shown on screen and you will be redirected back to the Enter Grades page.

Congratulations, now you know how to import grades via a .csv file!

More on .csv file format

CSV stands for comma-separated value, which is a type of file where data is organized in columns separated by a comma (,) or semi-colon (;) characters.

A .csv file needs to have dots (.) as decimal separators and a commas (,) or semi-colons (;) as separator.

Brightspace needs the following three components to be able to import grades from a .csv file:

  • The WUR username (in Brightspace: OrgDefinedID) or email address (in Brightspace: Username)
  • The grades listed under '<name Grade Item> <see text in infobox below>'; for example 'Assignment 1 Points Grade' will import the grades listed to the Grade Item 'Assignment 1' in Brightspace
  • The end-of-line indicator (#)

Files in .csv format can be created and modified with text editors or with Excel. Excel has the functionality to convert .csv files into .xlsx files.

If you have a file where the values are separated by another character different than a comma, use the function Replace all (default is Ctrl+H) to replace all list separators with commas.

Username Assignment 1 Points Grade End-of-line Indicator
[email protected] 9.0 #
[email protected] 7.9 #
[email protected] 8.0 #