How to preview the SCORM report

After placing the SCORM module in your content, you can preview it to know the statistics and the attempts your students have made. This article will show how to navigate to the reports

Please be aware of the difference between these modules and SCORM packages. A SCORM package has at least the documents index.htm(l) and imsmanifest.xml on the root of the zip. Is this not the case, then you are dealing with an e-module, which needs to be imported differently.

Preview SCORM report

1.  Click on the Table of Contents

2.  Click Related Tools

3.  Select View Reports

4.  Click on the SCORM reports tab

  • Legacy SCORM Reports is the report created when you import the SCORM object
  • SCORM Reports is the default report when you add the SCORM object through Upload/Create in the module

You now know how to preview the SCORM report!

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