How to activate and set a start date of a course

Activate the course when the period starts, and leave it inactivate when building it. When a course is active it becomes accessible to the users enrolled in Brightspace. If no Start Date is set the course is immediately accessible to students enrolled. If a Start Date is set for any date after the activation occurs, it will become visible to students once the start date is reached.

This article will show you:

How to navigate

Via WUR Homepage

Navigate to your course

1. Click on Wageningen University & Research on the upper left corner

Click on the Wageningen University and Research

Hover over to the course that you want to make active/inactive, then

2.  Click on the three dots, a drop-down menu will appear

3.  Click on Course Offering Information

Click on the 3 dots, a drop-down menu will appear click on Course Offering Information
Via Course Tools

Navigate to your course, then

1. Click on Course Tools, a drop-down menu will appear

2. Click Course Admin

Click on Course Tools then on Course Admin

This action will open the Course Administration page.

3. Click on Course Offering Information

Click on Course Offering information

How to activate or inactivate a course

This action will open the Course Offering Information page. Scroll down the page until you find the heading Active

1. Tick the box to activate or untick the box to inactivate the Course

2. Click the blue-button Save

Scroll down until you find the Heading Active, tick the box to activate and untick the box to inactivate the course, click on the blue button save

If you have unticked the box, your course will appear as Inactive.

The course will appear as Inactive for Course Coordinators and lecturers. For students, the course will not appear at all. At this moment, only Course Coordinators have the ability to make a course active/inactive.

The course will appear as inactive for Course Coordinators and teachers, and will not appear at all for students

How to set a start date of a course

Navigate to the Course Offering Information page, either via WUR homepage or Course Tools

Scroll down until the end of the page, you will find the heading - Start Date

1. Tick the box if the Course will have a start date, and enter the Start Date

2. Click the blue-button Save

If you use an End date, be aware that the course is no longer accessible to students. In regular courses, students have the right to enter the course even when the course has finished.

Tick the box and enter a Start date, then click the blue button save

Do not forget to tick the box under the Active heading. With a Start Date, students will not be able to access the course, but they will know that they are enrolled because they can see the course banner and course name on their WUR Brightspace homepage, however unclick-able.

It is not possible to send an email via the Classlist tool but only via the Email tool, if the Start date of the course page is in the future. In that case an error message will pop-up to inform you.

You now know how to activate/inactivate and set a start date of a course in Brightspace!