Adding Content to a Course | How to add SCORM/xAPI object to a course

SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) is a unit of online training material that can be shared across systems. SCORM defines as a specific way of constructing Learning Management Systems (LMS). In Brightspace, you can add SCORM packages to your course content in two different ways:

Please be aware: a SCORM package has at least the documents index.htm(l) and imsmanifest.xml on the root of the zip. Is this not the case, then you are dealing with an e-module, which needs to be imported differently.

Add SCORM/xAPI object through Upload/Create in a module

To add a SCORM package through Upload/Create is recommended


1.  Click on the desired (sub)module

2.  Click on Upload/Create

3.  Click on New SCORM/xAPI Object

Add course package

4.  A new window opens. Click on Bulk Upload


5.  A new window opens. Drop the SCORM/xAPI object in the dashed-box area

Configure course package properties

6.  Before uploading the package you need to select the navigation options

  • Select Use built in navigation (Default) if your package has built in navigation to prevent duplicating the existing navigation
  • Select Add navigation controls if the package does not contain built in navigation, then add external navigation controls to the content

7.  Click on Next

Select the navigation options

8. Click on the package you just uploaded. Click on Next

Select the package

There are more options to select before adding the package:

  • Grade item association for the SCORM module
  • At how many attempts the grades will be calculated
  • Version Control

9.  Click on Add


The topic called Content Object is created in your module. You can rename it by clicking the drop down arrow next to the title and select Edit Properties In-place

Now you know how to add a SCORM/xAPI package to your content!


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