FeedbackFruits | How to create FeedbackFruits Learning activities

FeedbackFruits is one of the external learning tools that are integrated into Brightspace. FeedbackFruits is a suite of learning activities, such as Peer Review, Assignment Review, Interactive document, Interactive video etc.,  that provide students with opportunities to give and receive feedback related to a range of assessment activities.

This article will show you how to:

How to add a FeedbackFruits Learning Activity in the course's content

Navigate to your course, in the green navigation bar,

1. Click on Content

2. Click on the preferred (sub)module

3. Click on the button Existing Activities, a drop-down menu will appear

4. Select the type of FeedbackFruits Learning activity you want to add

Click on the desired (sub)module, then on Existing Activities a drop-down menu will appear choose the Feedbackfruits learning tool you want to add

If you want to know more about each Feedback Fruits Learning activity please visit the links below:

How to set-up a FeedbackFruits Learning activity

After selecting the FeedbackFruits learning activity, a pop-up window Add Activity will appear.

For this example, the Peer Review was selected to be displayed.

  1. Click on the purple button Get Started to start creating the assignment
Click on the purple button Get Started

A new interface will appear you can:

  1. Give the activity a name

You can edit the activity on fullscreen mode. Just click on the GO FULLSCREEN button.

Give the activity  a name

FeedbackFruits Peer Review Settings

Further settings of the FeedbackFruits Assignment review (Submissions, Giving feedback to the student work and received reviews)
1. Instructions
  1. Give an overall instruction for the assignment
  2. Click downward arrow next to Student collaboration settings
  3. Click Change to view collaboration options
Give instructions and select student collaboration to set up individual or group assignment
  1. Click on either Individually or As a Group to select the way to hand in the assignment
  2. Select desired review option from the following:
  • Hand in individually, review individually
  • Hand in individually, review within groups
  • Hand in individually, review outside of their groups
  • Hand in as a group, review individually
  • Hand in as a group, review as a group 
  1. Then click purple button Next
Select hand in individually or as a group and select review options as individually, within groups, outside of their group of as a group.

When hand in As a Groups option is selected, new page appears with the overview of group categories from the Brightspace course.

  1. Click downward arrow in the groups settings to expand all groups in the category
  2. Tick the box to choose which groups will participate
  3. Tick the box of group category to choose every group in that category
  4. Click purple button Done 
2. Submissions
  1. Add optional instructions for handing in work
  2. Click on Date and Time icons to add a Deadline
  3. Click on the downward arrow next to Settings


Add additional instructions, deadline date and time click on arrow next to settings for extra settings

This action will open further settings

  1. Click on exactly, a drop-down menu will appear. Select the required submissions (minimum, between, exactly)
  2. Click on the downward arrow next to the number 1 to choose the number of files each student has to hand in
  3. Tick the boxes to allow the file types that students are allowed to hand in
  4. Click on the downward arrow, to choose the visibility of handed work, a drop-down menu will appear
Further settings will appear (Choosing required number of submissions, ticking the boxes next to the file types students are allowed to hand in, and the visibility of handed in work)
3. Given Reviews
  1. Click purple button CONFIGURE to insert Feedback criteria
Click purple button Add to insert Feedback criteria

This will open a pop-up window

  1. Click on Create new criteria
Click on create new criteria

In the same pop-up, you can build your set of criteria.

  1. Click on either Add rubric, Add Scale rating or Add Comment Criterion 

You can select as many criteria sections as you like

Once you have finished building your set of criteria,

  1. Click on the purple button Done
Build set of criteria by adding rubrics, scale rating or and comment criterion, once finished click on done

This action will close the pop-up page,

  1. Click on Date and Time icons to add a Deadline
  2. Click on the downward arrow next to Instantly to choose when the students see their feedback
  3. Click on the downward arrow next to Settings
Click on date and time icons to choose a deadline, then click on downward arrow next to instantly in order to choose when students can receive their feedback. For further Settings click on the downward arrow next to settings

This action will open further settings,

  1. Click on the button to turn on the Self-assessment
  2. Click on the button to turn on Submitter anonymity
  3. Click on the button to turn on Reviewer anonymity
  4. Click on the downward arrow to choose the required reviews per student
  5. Add additional instructions on giving feedback
Further settings are available such as Self-assessment, submitter and review anonymity turn on the buttons to activate the settings, choose required reviews per students as well as give additional instructions on giving feedback
4. Received reviews

To enable that students write a reflection on the received feedback,

  1. Click on the button
Write a rlection on the received feedback, click on button to turn it on

Under Scheduling deadlines:

  1. Click on the downward arrow

It is set by default that the task has no end date. To display the deadline options:

  1. Click on the button and select "After a certain deadline", then
  2. Click on the Date and Time icons

After the deadline passes, students can still read their feedback, but it won't count towards their progress. This deadline also applies for submitting a reflection on the feedback, if required.

5. Grading

Configure the grading scheme of the FeedbackFruits Peer Review

In order to create a grade item in Brightspace after the grades have been published, please visit: How to add a grade item post-published to FeedbackFruits Learning Tools

Configure the grading scheme of FeedbackFruits Peer Review

Saving the FeedbackFruit Peer Review

  1. Click on the Save  purple button on the top right corner

Now, you have created a FeedbackFruits Peer Review in your (sub) module

Click on the purple button Save

This action will redirect you to the (sub)module, were the FeedbackFruits Peer Review will appear

FeedbackFruits appears in the desired (sub)module in Brightspace

How to copy from an existing activity

As soon as a Feedback Fruit assignment has been created in a course, it can easily be copied.
Follow the steps above to start with

At the pop-up window Add Activity,


This action will show a list of all the FeedbackFruits activities that have been created in the courses you are participating in.

In the pop-up click on Use copy from existing

From the list that will appear,

  1. Click on the Assignment
  2. Click on USE

This action will create an exact copy of the activity, which can be edited accordingly

List of Assignments

It is also possible to save an activity as a template by clicking on  "SAVE AS TEMPLATE". In that way, next time you want to add one to the content of your course it will be easier and quicker.

As soon as you save the activity, you will be directed to the Content module's page, where a copy of it will appear.

Preview the assignment in the content of the course

Now you know how to create and copy a FeedbackFruits Activities in Brightspace!