How to use LabBuddy in Brightspace

LabBuddy is an e-learning tool that helps students with preparing their lab class and supports them during the execution of experiments with just-in-time information. In Brightspace, LabBuddy is an integrated external learning tool and you can easily add this to your (sub)module.

This manual will show you how to:

For more information about LabBuddy see:

1. On the LabBuddy-page that you want to link to, go to ‘LTI link’

2. Click Copy LTI link to clipboard

3. On the Brightspace-page on which you want to place the link, click Existing Activities

4. Click External Learning Tools

5. In the pop-up window, click ‘Create New LTI Link’ (if needed, scroll down a bit to find the button)

6. Enter a title for the link

7. Paste the copied LTI URL from Step 2

8. Click Create and Insert

9. In the newly placed link, open the quickmenu

10. Click Edit Properties In-place

11. Tick the box 'Open as External Resource'

You now know how to use LabBuddy in Brightspace!

1. Log out of LabBuddy (top-right or lower-left corner)

2. Click the LabBuddy-link

If you are logged into LabBuddy, the link works

If you get an 'access denied' check if any of the steps were skipped. If it still does not work, contact the Brightspace helpdesk or

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