How to use Surveys tool

  1. Navigate to Assessment in the navbar of your course
  2. Click on Surveys
The Surveys homepage
  1. In the top navigation bar you can:
    • Click on New Survey to create a new survey
    • Click on Edit Categories to edit or add categories. Now rearrange the surveys in the overview (Sort Order), delete them (trashcan icon) or add a category (Add category). Then, click on Save and Close
    • Click on More Actions to copy¬†(Copy),¬†rearrange in the overview¬†(Reorder)¬†or delete¬†(Delete) the survey(s)
  2. Click on By Category or By Availability in the Preview based on your preference and click on Apply next to it
  3. Click on the drop down arrow next to the survey name to perform further actions
  4. Check the desired surveys and click on Bulk Edit to easily and quickly edit multiple surveys simultaneously
How to create a survey

After clicking the New Survey in the surveys homepage, you land on the first tab of Properties. Under General section you can:

  1. Click on the Name box to give the survey a name
  2. Click on drop down menu of Category
  3. Check the give instant feedback tick box to provide the student with feedback directly when filling in a question
  4. Tick make results anonymous if students fill out the surveys anonymously

Note: You cannot change the Anonymous option once it is saved! In addition, you cannot use this option in combination with installing Release Conditions.

Next, still under Properties tab, you continue with;

5.   Click on Add/Edit Questions to add questions

6.   Optional: Click on Expand description / submission Message to add a description that students see at the top of the survey and/or add a message that students see after submitting the survey  

7.   Optional: Click on Expand page footer to add a footer on every page of the survey

8.   Click on Save and Close to save all the changes

Determine the dates, deadline, and time limit of the surveys by clicking on the Restriction tab

The Surveys drop down menu

Click on the arrow of your survey and select

  • Edit¬†to adjust the survey
  • Preview to see a preview of the survey and go through the survey as if you were a student (When you're done, click¬†Submit Quiz or¬†Exit Preview)
  • Reports¬†to view the survey report.¬†Note that this is only visible when you have completed the¬†Reports Setup of a survey
  • Statistics¬†to navigate to the statistic result of the survey


Bulk editing your Surveys
  1. Change the name of a survey by clicking the course name in the box
  2. Assign a survey to a different Category (or add a new category by clicking on add category)
  3. Change the Status of a survey. Select the desired status in the drop-down menu, which can be either Active or Inactive. Note: a survey is only accessible to students if you select Active.
  4. Click Save to save the changes
Adding questions to the Survey

After clicking on Add/Edit Questions in step 5 of Create a Survey, you continue with adding a question.

  1. In your survey, click on
  • New to add a new question(s). Then, select the type of the question
  • Import to browse it from Questions Library or upload a .csv file

2.   Click on Done Editing Questions when finished


Importing questions from Questions Library

To add questions from the Browse Question Library, there are several steps that need to be undertaken;

  1. Select the Source to search questions in the drop-down menu at Source : you can search in the entire question library, but also in specific surveys or quizzes.
    After that you can either search the question text or filter and sort it by the drop down menu next to the source

2.   Tick the desired question(s)

3.   Click on Add

Adjusting questions

After selecting the questions in the question library, you can adjust these questions directly.  

1. Tick ‚Äč‚Äčthe required questions

2. Click on:

  • Move¬†to move questions within the question library from one section to another
  • Click on¬†Delete¬†to remove questions from the survey (you do not delete them here from the question library)
  • Click¬†Order to adjust the order of questions

3. Click on the arrow behind a question and then on Edit to adjust a question yourself

4. Click on Done Editing Questions to return to the Edit Survey page

If you edit a question with regard to content, you will receive a warning if this question has also been used in another survey or quiz

On the Edit Survey page you can go to Survey Questions:

  1. Indicate at Questions per Page  how many questions you want to display per page. If you do not enter a number (and confirm with Apply), the entire survey is displayed on one page
  2. In the case of Paging, check whether the students can scroll back or not
  3. With Shuffle questions at the quiz level prevent students from seeing all the questions in the same order (sections are also shuffled, sub questions not)
  4. Create a path within your survey under Branching Wizard. Students then follow the questions in a fixed order and see only one question per page. If use this option, you cannot shuffle questions or mark them as mandatory (if it was already done, you will be notified). Then, for each question, indicate to which next question the survey should jump after a certain answer or whether the survey will be terminated after a certain answer. Click Save to return to the Edit Survey page. Note: branching only works with multiple choice and true / false questions
Inviting participants

At the bottom in the Edit survey page, click on Invite Participants to grant students access to the survey. 

  1. Add a Survey Subject and a message (Body)
  2. Select the students you want to invite for the survey
  3. Click Submit to send the message
  • A survey is only accessible to students if you¬†have put¬†it on¬†active
  • Students can only complete the survey if they are logged in to Brightspace.¬†If a student clicks the link from the e-mail, he / she will receive an error message if he / she is not logged in

You now know the ins outs of Surveys!